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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 1973Mach1, Sep 28, 2004.

  1. POst a pic of your car.
  2. Not my actual car but its the same colour and model.
  3. Same color & all that except its not an SHO. I'm rockin the GL version. Black lipped spoiler, heated mirrors, and interior lights that flicker when the bass goes boom. Shit is tight.
  4. don't own it, but this is what I drive.
  5. nice
  6. not actual car but same color and model.
  7. My new ride.
  8. worst picture ever?
  9. It's TWO cars.
  10. Which one?
  11. everytime people post their cars, robot jim will win..
  12. WTF? You own an E24? I hate you.

    At least tell me it's a manual and a 635CSi.
  13. Anyone think bbcstachas2 will post in this thread?
  14. Yes, 635CSi, no, auto.
  15. 740, not mine but I drive it frequently.
  16. Cool. Weak.
  17. Post your mother.

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