Post a picture of the car you own.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Unspoken Words, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. I don't think you understand what mocking is.
  2. mod list

    xerd headers
    fluidyne radiator
    k&n intake
    greddy exhaust
    rsp cam cover
    rsp fuse cover
    polished intake manifold
    trd thermostat
  3. if you say so.
  4. dude we need pics. this is a pics thread.
  5. photoshop
  6. dahldrin why arent you working on your raceing machine
  7. any more? show us some interior shots

    why are they such small resolution?
  8. way to destroy a good car
  9. Because I don't have money to spend on it. I need a real job, basically. Also, I've realized that it's going to take a shitload more money and time and I'm very much considering to a different project and finishing this one later. I actually made a "parts for sale" thread on another forum, but they're hard parts to sell. I also don't plan on selling any part I can't easily replace (unless I can sell it for a price that makes it worthwhile) or was considering replacing anyway (like the fuel cell).
  10. quitter
  11. picture a silver 944 on ramps
  12. Eh, I'm mostly worried about the body. And I figure I already have like $15k into it with another $15k to go.

    The other car I have planned would possibly be cooler, anyway. I think it'd definitely be more fun to drive. And much cheaper/easier.

    EDIT: To put the difficulty of my current project into perspective... imagine what it takes to get custom glass made and then fitted into butterfly doors that fit perfectly. That alone is a serious #$%#ing headache (and not cheap).
  13. body is not neccessary. whats your other car? didnt you put a bike engine into the raceing machine
  14. $30k ifor a built from scratch car is pretty imperssive/cheap
  15. Yeah, it's not too bad. The thing is, I'm doing virtually all of the work myself. The only things I'd have anyone else do is paint it, basically (and manufacture parts I can't). Though, I did have a local shop fabricate the roll bar from my specs. I don't have a pipe bender.

    EDIT: And that doesn't include the cost of tools or anything like that.
  16. The body should have a big blocky grill, perhaps like a RR Coupe?
  17. No interior shots available to be stolen.

    Small res because stolen.
  18. TRD thermostat gives like 80 hp
  19. The one that's partially built has a Toyota 3SGTE in it (turbo 2.0l I4) that I was in the process of working to about 450-500hp (shooting for 400rwhp).

    The other project is a tiny, single-seater powered by a bike engine. Think a modern interpretation of ~'50s formula cars, but smaller body with normal-ish overall dimensions (similar track/wheelbase to an Elise).
  20. In Utah this summer
  21. I don't think I've ever posted this, but what the hell. Here's a rough-ish render of what I have planned for the body. And it will be painted black, not red.

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