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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by IdoL, May 9, 2016.

  1. Then poast a new pic
  2. Yeah, I will.
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  4. The last time I had it cut short was late October 2012.
  5. A while ago I dreamt I did this. It looked alright tbh.
  6. what a mane

    i keep forgetting to take pics when it is opportune
    but im gonna do it
  7. it cant be too long til your next shower
  8. yes it can
  9. Noooooooooooo! Leave it alone, looks cool that way.
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  10. you should grow your hair long stangman
    kids have flown the coup, time to be cool again
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  11. I, for one, welcome our new long haired overlord
  12. I think this is most recent

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  13. Veryman reminds me of a not horribly fugly Skrillex. And much better hair on Vman.
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  14. I like how in current social media days posting a picture of yourself on the Internet is nowhere near as big a deal as it used to be
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  15. GONE

    Short Hair1.jpg
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  17. Thank you :)
  18. did you buy yourself a birthday present other than a haircut?


  19. i do too! i still have a preselfie resistance to it but I think its a good thing because its fun to look back at the pictures and see what people looked like and how theyve changed and to remember stuff that you did
    i should take more pictures
    i should not feel shame
  20. I have a resistance to it because I never like how I look in selfies. By definition theyre not candid and are contrived, so I never think they look good.
  21. yeah im not photogenic either
    never know what to do with my face
    i have resting ***** face
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  22. I like the way I look in selfies, I just don't feel the need to cram 20 pictures of myself daily in everyone's face. Internet people of today seem to think people really give a **** about their sandwich and the long line they endured. Its just a circle jerk of likes.
  23. thats why you send snapchats
    dont need likes just want to show people my face for 10 seconds (balls for 2 seconds)
  24. If likes were dollars I'd, like, like likes.
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  25. snapchats are priceless like a fine painting

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