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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Elf Man, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. its so much easier to mention the members that i dont like, because i like pretty much everyone else.
  2. The only people I can honestly say I don't like are Mclaren777, Orange LM, and Burner. I'd like to punch them all in the face at the same time
  3. That guys a homo. I heard he drugs them before butt raping them cause that kind of thing is legal in Canada
  4. What about all the fanbois, do you hate them?
  5. Indifferent. But calling them fanboys tends to enrage them which is why I do it
  6. slblack, remington, hetzen, etc.
  7. Chris V...was one of the few people I chatted with years ago on the board.
  8. Seriously, there's a ton of people I really like on here. I'm not going to name them all -- i'm not even sure if I could.
  9. Maybe it is because no one likes you?
  10. wait, is that good or bad?
  11. extrasuperpower
  12. He did it to wex, hilarious.
  13. w00t, baker etc
  14. I'm not a neocon.
  15. It's true, I did.
  16. That's very childish.
  17. TheHonk

    And many others.
  18. i love you too.
  19. like jesus, i love everyone except for mc777.
  20. those people from colorado...uh LJFS, EggsnBacon...and somebody else?...oh right musclecarheart.
    ZF definitly
    ...ok. i'm bored
  21. I like most people here, it's just a lot funner to troll all the time. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

    *but don't tell anyone.
  22. amenasce, v8stangman, scf 123, pinin, wcw, sled driver, tempoman, wex, red october, mc griffin, phanofmuzik, 944turbo, anti pimpage, aj zahn, rockaforte, spyder 757, iampingpong, amazing azian, porsche addict, will 938, guibo, chris V,mpg, Bobitron and many more.
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    I enjoy hemistage's company both here on as well as chatting online outside of this website. He is very interesting and funny, and a kind, loyal, and interesting friend.
  24. the ones ive met in person are cool enough.

    im not going to like or dislike anyone from just talking to them randomly online
  25. wanna cum over? :O

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