post the ugliest cars

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by TOXA, Nov 22, 2008.

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    I'd have the Coupe over the Roadster. That hatch opens SIDEWAYS!! How #$%#ing awesome is that?
  4. haha, my mum has a 121 ... bleh
  5. this thread was on a roll untill some idiot posted a e-type
  6. it's so awful
  7. Once again you are very very wrong. But each to their own i guess.
  8. i just dont really like it. i dunno.
  9. E-types look hot, roadster and coup�
  10. I always kind of liked the aztec
  11. lol wut
  12. 1982 Mercedes-Benz NAFA conept

    Believe it or not ... its a Mercedes !!!!!

  13. 1982 Mercedes-Benz NAFA conept

    Believe it or not ... its a Mercedes !!!!!

  14. Early bid for the Pope-mobile?
  15. not enough with that awkward stance. never liked the coupe.
  16. This one time I have to agree with you. That rear hatch is sooooo cool!!
    Talking of ugly:

    Ford KA (the old one, of course)!!
    Ford Anglia
    Any Banger's BMWTF
    Zlatko Kosmopolit!
  17. I don't think so because the Pope-mobile was made in 1980 , Mercedes-Benz 230G Popemobile , and it was bigger than this.. and also more beautiful

    I think it's an early prototype to make the perfect city car , before even 1997 Mercedes-Benz Swatch !

    note that 1982 Mercedes-Benz NAFA
    1997 Mercedes-Benz Swatch
    and Smart Coupe

    are about the same design , like a can !

  18. Hahah, I remember the Swatch days and their respective proto's. Anyone remember a similar'ish prototype released by Opel in.. 1995 I think, called the Opel Maxx. Pretty much the same exterior size.
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    The Gremlin is hands down the ugliest thing ever built.

  20. Yeah ! I remember these days !!!

    it was a nightmare to me when I was a kid ! , when I saw Swatch , Opel Maxx , Peugeot Ion
    I was thinking " Oh my GOD ! , this is cars looks like in the future ?? "

    thank God ! , it was just a concepts !

    anyway.. I also remember that Opel Maxx was released in 1995 or 1996... some websites said that was released in 2001 !

    I think also Citroën made a prototype like the others..maybe in 1993 or 1994

    but how cares anyway ?


    Here a photo for Opel Maxx

    and 1993 Peugeot Ion

  21. Apart from being unlawfully ugly, they're actually supposed to be pretty good cars. And dirt cheap too, because they're ugly and no one wants one.
  22. I have to disagree with Bangle's BMW's being the ugliest cars in the world, or ugly at all. Yes, the 2002 7er and the current 5er are terrible, but most of the others are quite good looking: Z4, E90, E92, I like the X6, the X5 is probably the best looking SUV(without comparing to the unchanged 30-year old designs of the Range Rover and Gelaendwagon). I'm pretty happy with BMW's current designs, they're doing much better than MB and slightly better than Audi IMO.
  23. What about ......... G WIZZ ??

    I think it is the ugliest car I ever see !

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