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Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by europerule, Dec 1, 2004.

  1. 1937_delahaye_135ms_figoni_et_falashi_roadster
  2. that astons amazong, the nicest front ive ever seen
  3. What it's a car?

  4. Its called YES. Young Engineers Sportscar. It is german with an Audi engine.
  5. thanks, and now?
  6. The car below might be some kind of 'kit' car, so not necessarily 'rare'. But it looks pretty good to me, so I am very curious as to what it is. Can any of the experts here tell me?

  7. Wingho Triposto
  8. What it is a car? I need help again...
  9. looks like a Laforza
  10. yeah, it was Laforza, i find that car... but don't know it name...
  11. 1972 Bond Bug
  12. What it can be?
  13. Dunno if I've posted this in here already-or how rare it is-but this is my '72 Chevy Baldwin-Motion Super Vega.
  14. 1972 Chevy Baldwin-Motion Super Vega.
  15. car is from Asia...
  16. Thats some Jinjue !!!!!!!!!!! from China.
  17. strange volvo
  18. Wingho Triposto, like innotech said. Made in Quebec Canada using Porsche running gear. Seating arrangement is like Mac F1 but in a Spyder format.
  19. Pic is 2nd hand at least... I love the look in that kid's face!
  20. ... & a Tornado Thunderbolt to boot!
  21. That is really cool
  22. What is a car?

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