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  1. Heh, pretty much every year I buy Auto Katalog and has most of the ultra super exotic cars that you've posted.
  2. Who is you?
  3. Francais
  4. gotta love the Jaguar concept
  5. 1968 Bentley T1 Coupé Speciale by Pinninfarina
    1 was made
  6. 1971 Rolls-Royce Phantom VI Frua Drophead Coupé
    was finished in 1973
  7. 1991 Aston Martin Virage Lightweight GT
    only one was made
  8. Some more pics:
  9. Aston Martin Bulldog (1980)

    This drivable concept car was developed to demonstrate the ability of the factory to produce a supercar for the 80's. William Towns styled the Bulldog soon after finishing the AM Lagonda and thus created the ultimate wedge shaped sportscar - with initial engineering work by AML chief engineer, Mike Loasby. When Loasby moved to work for DeLorean in 1979, the work to finish the car was given to Keith Martin who developed the car for the next three years.
    Of special note were the pair of massive power operated gullwing doors which took the height of the car from just over a metre to nearly two.

    Pirelli P7 tyres are used all round fitted to Compomotive split-rim alloy wheels. Around the circumference are fitted with blades to direct cooling air to the brakes. This feature was later seen on the successful racing Porsche 956 sportscar. Front wheels are shod with 225/50's whilst rear wheels have massive 345/35 tyres.

    The Bulldog is powered by a twin Garrett AirResearch turbocharged 5.3 litre V8 originally with Bosch Fuel Injection. Power output on the test bed reached in excess of 700 bhp, although installed in the car this would have been in the region of 650 bhp. Whilst designed to exceed 200 mph, at the time, a maximum speed of 192 mph was recorded

    This left hand drive car of both great length and width only seats two occupants. Instrumentation was provided by the then 'state of the art' LED technology and touch type sensors straight out of the new AM Lagonda. Other features common to many Aston Martins is Connolly leather, walnut facings and air conditioning.

    Many changes have been made during the 17 years that has elapsed from the cars unveiling. The silver over light grey machine in now painted in two tone metallic green, whilst the brown leather of the interior had been replaced by stone leather. Other additions to the car include (rather tasteless) gold plating trim to switches gear stick, roof mounted stereo, ugly but useful rear view mirrors and a TV showing the rear-view of the car. Interestingly the car has lost the fuel injection system and now has Weber carbs.
    Very serious consideration was given to a small production run of the Bulldog but sadly this was never followed and the car remains totally unique.

    info from:
  10. This is what you call a rare car Jay Leno's tank car the thing is slick and old you can drive one in Gran Turismo 4 pain in the ass to get it though

    This car is freakin heavy
  11. what is it?
    Do you've got more info on it?
  12. its a custom made car with a 1000+ hp diesel ww2 tank engine in it, with a greyhound buss tranny and big rig tires.
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  16. Jay Leno's special build car. Word has it, he spent close to a million $ on it..
  17. I think this is pretty rare. according to, this is 1 of 2 lamborghini 400GTs to be made into a convertible... I saw this in 2004.
  18. thats a replica of the show car
  19. how was it a replica? it had a real lamborghini engine in it...?


    1967 LAMBORGHINI 400GT 2+2
    Chassis #1267
    Engine #01439
    Touring #

    Spyder conversion with single headlights, no rear seating and of course a convertible top. Simply a gorgeous car with 100+ point restoration done in 1999 and purchased at the RM Monterey Auction. One of at least two 400GT2+2s to be converted to spyders (about 10 years apart), some years back (1992) by a Florida car dealership who offered a far better looking, in the finish and construction, car for sale in this nice light metallic blue/cream.
  20. "its a replica from the show car"

    Lamborghini made a prototype - the show car - over the years there were a couple of 400GT's being converted to spyders - hence the replica part
  21. well, its actually a CONVERSION, since the original car was a coupe.
  22. replica, conversion, recreation ... whatever <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  23. i don't like the word replica around a real classic lamborghini or recreation <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
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