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Discussion in 'Trucks and Motorcycles' started by Axis of Evil, Aug 29, 2004.

  1. Do it. Do it.
  2. not mine but my cousins and his friends
  3. cannondale F300, mine has an front avid disc brake.
  4. once I get my bike it will be up here for sure.
  5. Swedish armybike manufactured 1943.
  6. Sweet bikes!!
  7. indeed.. the leopard print one is interesting lol.. but their both cbr600rr's i think
  8. I'd like a Ninja ZX-6R or any bike for that matter
  9. i hate it when the 10th post dosent show
  10. suzuki sv650s, cbr400rr racebike, 50cc pocketbike.
  11. I LOVE IT!
  12. I have one of those to, not thet old though.
  13. this would certainly be sufficiant.
  14. My friends custom bike at a carshow
  15. I broke my 2 bikes.Grinded the gears,total of 4 flat,2 broken shaft and one broken pedal.Yes it's a bycicle but i'm hard on it!
  16. anybody ever heard of DUCATI !!
  17. ducati? what is that?
  18. will try pics again..

  19. 04 Norco Wolverine

    No pictures on this machine, but there is a few on my other computer

    Pics work, btw
  20. They have passion.
  21. hey! Mott Power, Ducati is an italian motorcycle company.
  22. italian like yamaha, right?

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