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Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by Aych Es Vee, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. lol this is a great idea
  2. I have gauges on my GPS screen:
    - voltage of the battery (LOL)
    - average MPG
    - current MPG

    thanks Subaru
  3. Just bought a replacement for the crummy plastic accordion turbo inlet pipe. Much better flow and is supposed to reduce spool times, which is good since my car is super laggy off the line. Also got silicone intake hoses since the factory hoses are probably worn out after 140k miles, and I don't want to find out for certain that they're worn out when I install the tuned ECU.
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  5. lol, that'd just be extremely nerdy, air fuel mixture who the #$%# has that? extreme virgin.
  6. ironically I put 2 on cars today.
  7. I had an A/F gauge in my 760 Turbo, but also had a MBC so I needed to make sure I wasn't getting that lean on
  8. I can see it for maybe a carburetor where you have a manual choke, but in modern cars what's the point? fuel injection + ECU + MAF = no point in having it, unless you just wanna show off what your computer can do.
  9. I lost some weight recently
  10. lol? on turbo cars that you are tuning, why not have an A/F gauge? it's the same as having any gauge, you want to keep an eye on what's going on during boost in this case.. maybe you get some shit fuel, encounter some boost cut or have some other issue, you'll want to know what's going on before you cause serious damage to your investment, no?
  11. how much
  12. I dont know how I've gone all these years without power windows. Bought a universal kit, which seems surprisingly well built. Guess I will find out after its all wired up.
  13. Boost gauge, manual boost controller (doesn't seem to work), front mount intercooler, fake hks ssqv bought unknowingly at a actual shop...gotta go back and talk to them), and battery relocation kit installed.

    The shop was nice enough to fix my rad as well, moved the thing up and gave it new supports + fixed my bumper.
  14. Rear mount intercooler?
  15. I broke my hood latch after installing a new grille, so now it won't open.

    I guess this is a modification.
  16. Bought a Gen 3 3S-GTE
  18. Omg he q00ted me
  19. just replaced that ATB manual boost controller with a Turbo XS one. The ATB for whatever reason wasn't doing a single thing, but I replaced it with the turbo XS and am now running 12psi :D
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  21. Any photoshop users out there want to do me a favour?
  22. yeah maybe
  23. I cant find rims I really like anywhere for my car, so I was just thinking of powder coating my factory rims like a glossy black

    (if i can)

    added better quality picture from google cause the one taken form my cell phone is shit

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