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  1. I'm pretty bored with the G37 and decided to get another 540. I bought a salvaged 1998 540, it took a pretty good hit. My dad and I finished up all the framework today, with my dad doing all the frame work since he's an auto body tech and me just helping out with whatever he needs. What needs to be done now is bondo and paint.

    Some pics. This isn't a mod but I'm not going to make a separate thread for this. Someone buy my G37.
  2. 2013 tails finally arrived and installed.

    Local radio personality loves my car.
  3. I can see your balding head
  4. In honor of MooSquad.
  5. Should be a fun car (the 5)!

    What don't you like about the G? I don't like the G35 much as is, but I knew when buying it that everything would be changing. Can't wait to get the Recaro's and RJM pedal in!
  6. There is nothing wrong with the G37, I just dig the 540 better, I had one before and I got hooked on it, so now every car I drive I compare it to the 540. I'm aware that it's nothing too special but I love its overall road manners and the balance of comfort/sport.

    Pics of the 540 I had before:
  7. Yea I do like those, friend of mine has one with lot's of M cosmetic parts. Good looking cars, great sound too
  8. I want these wheels.
  9. Looks like Pegasus but with a twist. No R emblazoned on the spokes?
  10. The E39 5-series is still on of the best looking sedans ever for me. It looks badass but also subtle.
  11. No R on the spokes. These are Comets, which I believe were stock on the European R's. Of course they were optional in the US and most buyers stuck with the standard 16's so these aren't very easy to find. I'm not sure why they went from standard 17's on the 850R to 16's on the V70R. Maybe too many complaints about the ride quality.

    Volvo didn't start making the Pegasus wheels until 2001 or 2002, I think. They're easy to find and I think they look good but everyone has them.
  12. i always liked those.
  13. Tried installing this and totally failed. It's for the rear valence. Even in two pieces, it kept folding over itself and I couldn't get the bubbles out. After credit carding it, the vinyl tore <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A> Thankfully the other half is fine, I'm sure I'll use it for something else in the future.

    Plastidip time!
  14. Wheels and exhaust. Took rear overriders off.

    First pic is how I want it to look. Lowered at the front, no electrical tape over the side skirt mounting holes in the sills (no holes in the sills).
  15. Beer basket is on.
  16. Really liking that
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  18. Looks like you need to redo the undercoat!
  19. I may have asked before and totally forgotten...

    what kind of car is that? Specs?
  20. Yeah will be attending to that in the fall. Damn salt is annoying.
  21. MGB GT
  22. 1.8L engine most likely 4 speed transmission (5 if it has electric overdrive) rear wheel drive.
  23. yeah 1.8 engine, 8 valves, 4speed with overdrive, 95 horsepower. slow but noisy. its a 2+2 but the rear seats are tiny. i have had four people in it but they were complaining quite a lot. 125 000 of the GTs made, over 300 000 Roadsters iirc so its a pretty common classic. lever suspension (shit), leaf sprung solid axle in the rear (also shit). really fun car though, don't want to sell it. may have to.

    the wheels are SSR Mk3, will not sell those.
  24. Got most of the bondo work done Saturday. Still have to bondo one rocker panel.

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