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  1. What's that bulgy thing on the side? Airbag?
  2. Installed new driving/fog lights. Nokya hyper yellow. I'm liking them so far, we've had some blowing snow here and when I just have these on it's much better having the HID on. But then everyone else thinks you've turned your lights off.
  3. Replaced the L/F inner axle shaft seal/bearings and the transfer case input seal. The profits made off the Focus paid for the repair.
  4. I believe so.
  5. Bought a quick-drain valve to replace the plug in my oil pan. I probably should have gotten one for Frank while I was at it, but so far the engine hasn't ran since we changed the oil. Next time...
  6. Finally took my rear track pads off now that it is January lol.

    I also have a new motor mount to install, one that is a letter less on the NVH side now that I'm not going to track my daily. Still should allow for a more direct feel over OEM though. The rattle is strong in my Mazda, especially in the winter. Hoping this helps.

  7. Standard seats are fine, just too high
  8. I love those.
  9. Downsized to 3.5" piping, cleaned up design by using t-bolt clamps. Was able to put the air duct back in now. Still working on heat shield.
  10. That's a very clean/tidy engine bay.
  11. ^ Clean indeed.

    Not like my trunk wiring. My trunk got stuck closed yesterday, a very common G35 problem. Thankfully I had read up on this before, in the event it actually happened. Basically there was not enough slack in the wires in the trunk, and overtime they just break. I had everything soldered together yesterday, so now the trunk opens again, and for the first time ever, I have a working trunk light!
  12. Replaced factory resonated (and crush fit) center exhaust section with MSA'S x-pipe.
  13. How do you like it?
  14. It fit with that brace still in place, making even less sense why Hyundai felt the need to crush those pipes. Power feels a little more linear, especially at highway speeds.

    As far as sound, I can't really tell. I hear it on a cold start-up, but after that, the throatiness of my intake drowns out any extra exhaust noise this x-pipe brought.
  15. Since day one, the stupid chrome door handles have plagued the cars interior. I finally got around to painting them. I originally tried some Duplicolor Shadow Chrome, the same stuff I used on the rear badging. I love that stuff, but it is always so difficult to get a smooth look to it, as it just doesn't bond well on angles. It ended up looking terrible so I used some Duplicolor Stainless Steel spray I had kicking around. Much better. Driver side (pictured) is coated with Tremclad gloss, and then I ran out and used Rustoleum gloss on the passenger side. It's considerably glossier looking than the Tremclad, but I don't think anyone will notice unless you've sat in both seats of the car <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  16. Got anymore pictures of it? I want to do my chrome window molding and a few other factory chrome exterior garnishments in a shadow chrome. I've heard the same thing of the Duplicolor Shadow Chrome kit working fine for badges, but grilles and anything larger, terrible and near impossible to get a consistent look to it.

    I've thought about Plastidip Tint and Glossifier, if nothing else, easily removed.
  17. No more pictures of the shadow chrome attempt, if that's what you meant. Here is a closeup of the stainless steel paint though. I'm also attaching some other pics of the shadow chromed badge. I don't have any closeups at the moment - I tried to take a pic but the lighting was poor and the car is dirty right now anyway. You can kind of see in the one pic how the edges of the badge are still reflective. That's where the shadow chrome did not bond. For a badge that actually is a cool affect if you ask me, but on anything else it's annoying.

    Basically what happens is that the spray goes on flat things fine, but as soon as it hits a drastic bend, it falls off. Also, it's like washer fluid going down your windshield after you just used the wiper - the new liquid generally follows the rest of the liquid and pools in spots. Same thing happens here, you can see it sliding off and pooling, which is the most frustrating thing ever. If you can manage to prop the item you are spraying up at an angle so that whatever surface you are trying to cover is flat, it will sort of work but still risks pooling. The nice thing is that if you use too much of the clear coat after, it literally removes all of the shadow chrome, so you have infinite restarts (or as long as the clear coat can lasts).
  18. Looks good! I imagine the chrome would catch the sun at times which would be annoying as well.
  19. Not the best shots (cellphone) but hopefully this gives you a better idea of how it slips off edges. Cool look for badges, terrible on other things. I also just noticed that parts of it are peeling off. It's been on there for 2 and half years now I think.
  20. I also just installed these APR blue convex mirrors. Liking them so far. I ordered these in october, and they just arrived now after some seriously terrible customer service (didn't order them through APR).
  21. lol what? these come with flat glass in the door mirrors?

    The last car I drove that had that was a 1980s Volvo.
  22. Picking up a set of test pipes today to delete the secondary (non-monitored) converters.
  23. Seriously? I've actually never driven a car with convex mirrors until I installed these. Unless they were convex and I didn't know...

    As far as I am aware the majority of cars here are flat mirrored.
  24. Loud.
  25. Good because it's too quiet, lol.

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