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  1. Nailed it, E30 Evo to be exact.
  2. Is that rust or dirt all over?
  3. The Retrofit Source?
  4. Umm. It's actually called character.
  5. Character is what lead to my Nissan's untimely death. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  6. Haha. That's just reaching the ultimate level of character.
  7. No car really has character until you have to fred flintstone it.
  8. Yep. Can't get any more character than if your engine dies, and being able to push the car from inside.
  9. Ya everything came from them.
  10. Surface rust on the metal bumper. Ran out of warm weather last year to paint it properly.
  11. Love them, I've bought projectors, ballasts and bulbs from them over the years, always a quality product, quick shipping and great customer service.
  12. Ready for a new exhaust build

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  13. I'll bring the pipe.
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  15. I'd never guess this is a BMW from sound. Sounds like an old race car.
  16. Yeah I'm quite happy that it doesn't sound like any other S54 powered BMW.

    Here's a close up shot of the exhaust.

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    That sounds pretty good, but I prefer the deeper and throatier sound of my car.
  19. Found a 2006 Mercedes E350 with 22,634 miles and one owner through CarMax, convinced the wife to trade in her Nissan Rogue for it. Premium package, Harman Kardon, nav/COMAND.

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  20. mid 2000s Mercedes cars worry me.

    Are they reliable?
  21. Probably a better question for TSCM, best I could identify most of the problems stemmed from the V8s (E500, E55 AMG, etc) who see more abuse than a V6, and problems stemming from the Airmatic suspension. This W211 has neither a V8 nor the Airmatic. It does have the 7-speed auto which is silky smooth.

    So far any complaints/issues are minor:

    - Still had 2006 maps DVD, found a ISO for the 2014 maps DVD and fixed that issue.

    - COMAND NTG1 navigation only allows pinpoint directions if you give it GPS coordinates, it refuses to accept a single house address, instead it turns it into the number range of that block.

    - No navigation address book

    - 2005/2006MY was not pre-wired for telephone (However headunit and steering wheel have the buttons), this was done as a cost-cutting measure. To go genuine Mercedes it is $1,500, to go aftermarket $550. I bought her a Bluetooth ear piece until then, lol.

    - She didn't like the standing badge, ordered flat badge.

    And just to cover all of the bases, got it through CarMax and got the 100,000 mile warranty, which is the most comprehensive extended warranty out there. If you follow Doug Demuro on Kinja/Jalopnik, he bought a Land Rover from CarMax with a warranty with the sole purpose to see just how much CarMax would cover. At the end, CarMax ended up spending 3 times the amount of the cost of the warranty and he only ended up out of pocket about $300 (As he opted to pay the $50 deductible to go to the Land Rover dealership a couple of times),
  22. Planning on:

    - Updating the grille to more modern grille

    - 2007+ facelift headlamps

    - Depo 2007+ facelift LED tail lamps

    - SLK55 AMG 10-spoke 18" wheels


    - E55 or E63 OEM front bumper
    - E55 or E63 calipers/rotors
    - 55w HID kit or factory retrofit, factory requires purchasing a Star Diagnostic System to code the car for HID, otherwise it sees the 55w from the aftermarket ballast and assumes it's still halogen.

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  23. what he said here. haven't really heard anything from V6s. main issue with the V8s is oil leaks
  24. hmmm.

    I've always been wary of them due to the Chrysler hookup, and the subsequent reduction in (apparent) build quality during that period. Mercedes were languishing at the bottom of customer satisfaction tables for a few years in the noughties in the UK. Whilst a big chunk of that was the dealer experience (and the fact that it was absolute shit), it was also noted that reliability was a big issue.

    I'll be changing my car at some point, and over here Mercs from this era depreciate like nothing else for the aforementioned reasons so they can be very appealing used prospects.

    I don't suppose you North American guys know anything about the Diesels on offer? I drove an almost brand new W220 320 diesel back in 2006 and I really liked it. The fact that you can get a slightly earlier W220 320 CDI for £5-6k at the moment is ridiculously tempting.
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    There is a reason the W220 is the go to choice for third world dictators, it is ridiculously reliable and luxurious.

    The biggest fault, and also easiest to correct, comes from under the hood, the reed valve under the cowl. Over time it gets clogged with debris and allows rain water/run-off to fill it up and flow over the cowl and into the cabin, and get under the carpet, shorts out the Signal Acquisition Module and fuse box underneath the passenger rear seat. Several fixes exist:

    - Clean the reed valve regularly

    - Per Mercedes, drill a hole in the duct to give water somewhere else to overflow to, other than the cabin:

    - Or remove the reed valve all together, the most popular fix for W220 owners.

    Can't comment on the diesels, the US never got them in the S-Class, only recently got the Bluetec diesels.

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