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  1. Was there a danger to manifold?
  2. no, it's more for durability and aero
  3. SL style grill added to the Merc.

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  4. How's the tent?
  5. Works great. Sets up in 8 minutes no matter where I park. Going to be taking it off the red truck. Bought another small Colorado, but this one has a V8 in it.

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  6. Plans for this one?
  7. Last few things before winter: oem all season floor mats, finishing up the undercoat underneath the side skirts, and Recaro's! A bit dirty when I picked them up.

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  8. After some cleaning they looked pretty good! Not 100% clean, but not too bad. They are on oem Integra Type R seat rails, which sit a touch lower than the usdm RSX rails. The result? I can heel toe now without getting a leg cramp!

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  9. Those seats! Haha I bet those seats are great in the corners, sounds like they help the driving experience as well.

    How do you like the RSX compared to the G? Different style cars/performance but I'm curious on your take.
  10. They are slightly tight if you have a wide ass.
  11. Those seats out of something stock?
  12. Ya they are not too bad! I had the older version of the same seat in the G35, and I missed them dearly. The older seats out of the dc2 Integra Type r are even tighter on the legs. So I am quite happy with these. Everyone I get out my back actually feels great! And yes super awesome in the corners.

    when comparing the 2 cars, the only things I miss about the G was the Recaro's (problem solved), torque and sound. And the steering wheel feel. I can't stand the rsx wheel. It looks fine, but it's just too thick to hold at the 9 and 3 positions. Nissan had their steering wheels figured out. The rsx driving position isn't nearly as good either, but the lower seat rail on the Recaro's helps and the shift extension is great. Once I replace the steering wheel and get some metal pedals, I think I'll actually like the driving position more than in the G. Though the G had a telescoping wheel which I miss. Though I hated how it was electronic. I miss rwd smoothness, but I love the responsiveness of the rsx. You can tell the car was designed with fun intensions!

    In terms of daily driving, they both have the same fatal flaw. Shoulder checking. Both have a horrible driver side blind spot. In the G I fixed it with a convex mirror, I'm hoping to do the same with the rsx when the dollar gets better. The rsx has also come in extremely handy for moving, which I am doing right now. It can fit a whole 5 ft long shelf inside no problem. It's like a small truck! I also much prefer the plastic interior of the rsx. Not that the G had much other than plastic and leather, but the rsx you can just feel how much lighter it is. Especially in the doors. And the trim looks just as good if you ask me!

    Once I get this thing boosted I think I'm going to prefer it much more than the G. I just hope it isn't too loud at highway speeds, as it already is at high rpm when on the highway.

    I'm writing this on a phone, sorry if there are typos


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  13. Japan and maybe Australia Honda Integra Type R (02-06)
  14. Took off the chrome grille assembly and put on a cleaner body coloured version. Also installed some shackle mounts, hid retrofits, smoked reflectors, and ripped out the drop in bed liner and had it sprayed. Slowly ditching the grandpa look, next up is larger tires that will give the truck a nicer stance, and actually have traction in the winter.

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  15. Swapped out the highway tires and tossed on some BFG KO2s

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  16. Looks great man, especially the body colored grille. Always been a fan of your truck mods
  17. Thanks, I try and find a nice setup that works.
  18. Got the 315 section rear tires for the new wheels

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  19. post a pic in 5 years when the coloured bands finally wear off
  20. 315 on a bmw z3? it's not a ferrari.

  21. *going lightweight going lightweight going lightweight*

    *315mm of unsprung uselessness out back*
  22. Need more traction and grip at the rear, and it just looks so good with steamrollers out back.
  23. pretty sure they are useless. you could've done with 255 or something like that just as well. how are you going to drive this in the rain?

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