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  1. Old thread got lost in 2015; so new year, new thread.

    To start, I bought this V8 Colorado back in Sept, and now it looks like this. Someone offered me a 7 year old Audi RS4 as a trade, but I like low maintenance stuff and promptly ignored him.

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  2. I'm waiving the big ol BS flag re: RS4 offer and subsequent rejection.

    Even if you didn't want the car you could've traded, sold the car, bought 4 more of those Canyons/Colorados.
  3. Call BS all you want. The car had 101k on it, and wasnt serviced by a certified Audi tech. The guy who wanted the trade admitted it had a small fender bender soon after he bought it. Why would I want a 7 year old Audi thats probably due for an expensive service, with sketchy records? There are 4 currently for sale here in Alberta and have been for sometime.

    That tells me the market is dry, and I would have an even harder time trying to unload this one. Sure I could buy 3 or 4 standard Colorados but the V8's arent so common, so finding another one like this wont be possible. So why would I go through this hassle for at most $2k in profit if I was lucky?

    On top of all that. The truck is a 2012, 40,000kms, 4X4. I live in Alberta which is a truck market. The Audi is 7 years old, 100k and a high maintenance toy. Not a wise investment during a economic depression. Gotta look past that excel spreadsheet sometimes.
  4. I wouldn't touch that RS4 not knowing the maintenance.

    Speaking of, I had a B7 RS4 on my radar through a family friend. 50k miles, extra set of winter OEM wheels, Audi Dealership maintenance, excellent condition. Did the whole test drive, spoke numbers. Was hoping he would pull the trigger a couple months ago after having a kid, however it's becoming less and less likely to the point I have moved on. He just had the valves cleaned (direct injection) about a month ago which tells me he's not letting go.

    I was hoping to keep it hush hush so I could show up to VIR and run laps around 6speedfirebird, but since it wont happen, I wont be willing to bring my daily Mazda out there for this Spring unless I pick up something else or he changes his mind <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

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  5. I would love to get my hands on an RS4 Avant. Even an RS6 Avant.

    There was a movie I don't remember the name of. It had a red RS4 Avant they used as an escape car from I believe a bank robbery. Ever since I've loved audi wagons.
  6. Bummer, Damestic, I'd really like to find someone I "know" to go with my first go around.
  7. Sorry man I was pretty bummed out too. My Mazda is going to be over 100k miles by the time Spring rolls around.

    If something changes and I find a new toy, you'll be the first to know!

    Edit: I usually go with guys from the forum I'm on. I didn't know any of them the first track day but it worked out well and had an awesome time. I know BMW has a bigger community to hook up with if they are into track days. Plus everyone I've met at the track have been great guys and gals no matter what they drive. I asked some guy for a ride in his Cayman around the track. He eventually let me drive the car.
  8. love the rs4. but only as an avant.
  9. I picked up pair of used oem Integra Type R seats. They were pretty beat looking in the photos but didn't look nearly as bad in person. Normally they go for $300 Canadian, but I scored these for $140. With some cleaning, they look pretty good! They are still a bit wet in the photos.

    The original Type S seats are leather, and have a plastic tray in the middle. These will be way less cold, more comfortable, and better to sleep in if I had to.

    Edit: the base model rsx seats are also fabric with the plastic piece, but these are alcantara and mesh

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  10. dat lightweight mesh
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    So not a mod. But big news. Sold the R-spec....... It was very hard to say goodbye. I loved that car.
    But I have a third kid on the way. And thought something more practical for the family would be better. So today signed the papers on a 2015 Grand Cherokee overland V6. It has 20k kms on it and got it for 30k CAD. It was repo'd from an oil field worker. He bought it brand new 10 months ago for 68k Cad.
    I'm impressed with it so far. It will be the wifes vehicle as I have my F150 for work
  12. Lighter than the leather, that's for sure. It's the same materials as the Recaro's upfront. Alcantara and a jersey mesh. The photo kinda sucks - odd lighting going on.
  13. The new Cherokee's are looking pretty aggressive. Every time I see one come up behind me I assume it's an SRT and it never is.
  14. Yeah they are nice. Its a great vehicle. I was wrong about the trim. It's not the overland. It's a limited. But is optioned equivalent to the overland.

    I already miss my car though
  15. I'll make sure to post supercharger vids here to help you miss it even more.

    Wait a few years and grab yourself a nicely depreciated G90 with 5.0L AWD.
  16. That's exactly the plan. Except I want to buy a gen one R-spec again. We will see
  17. Just installed a new oem red Honda badge. I have one for the rear as well, just going to have to wait till it warms up here first as it's just held on with adhesive!

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  18. Got the new titanium lug bolts to compliment the wheels and reduce unsprung weight

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  19. inb4 cold welded
  20. i think that was real life
    a surveillance cam shot of a red rs4 wagon
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    I've just had another look at RS4s, and there's a B7 for sale here at the moment with the biggest mileage I've ever seen. Claimed to be a one owner car with a full dealership history and £15k of receipts under £12k

    B7s with a low mileage seem to be going for £20k with 50k miles, to £35k with less than 15k miles. I think the low mileage ones will start going back up in a few years. There's bound to be a few people who bought them new who are waiting for the day they break even on it.

    Early RS6s are under £9k with 130k on them but tbh I've heard they're actually not very good. They're basically just motorway cars.
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    I was thinking that the fender flairs, manual, and high strung V8 will make this worth some money in the future.
  23. I think that now people are realising that naturally aspirated manual cars are not in our future, the last examples of "the best" of these are going to rocket in the next 5-10 years.

    I had a look at Ferrari 360s recently. I kinda see the 430 as the start of the "modern" ferrari, with the clever diff and multi-way traction control/LC etc, so for me the 360 is the last "no frills" V8 Ferrari. A few years ago you could get a nice RHD manual coupe for £50-60k. Now, the same car is £80-90k.

    S2000s are climbing for the best ones, too. I saw one for £17k recently, although you can still get a leggy one for like, £5k.
  24. 220k miles? Jesus. I hope that's actually kms
    There is a guy here with a 2013 s4 for about 22grand CAD. If it was an Avant I'd consider it.
  25. We use miles.

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