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  1. RSX Type S brakes are on with Stoptech pads, rotors and stainless steel lines! These are so much better than the stock brakes. Unfortunately my Ultralegerra's didn't fit so I had to slap on my Civic Si winter wheels for a temporary solution. I later picked up 05-06 RSX Type S rims. Momo Tuner wheel and Energy Suspension transmission insert are also installed! The cars ergonomics have completely changed with the transmission insert and the momo wheel. Mountain roads are now a blast! I ran out of time, but I will install Energy Suspension motor mounts later.

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  2. Added a Front Runner slimline II rack to my bed cage and also mounted the rotopax to the top. Threw on a set of 18" Bronze roost wheels, and 275/65/18 General AT2 tires. Also installed my long tube headers (3" collectors), 3" exhaust with a single flow-pro dual in/out muffler with axle turns downs.

  3. Two pumps?
  4. Sounds great!
  5. Yeah, my car has an internal and external pump.... its weird. I could just use a really good in tank pump, but its easier to just replace what I have, with new and better versions.
  6. Threw on a bumper, 30" light bar, led fogs, and a Warn Zeon 8 winch. I had to cut off the mounts for the bumper as I ordered it for my other truck with the larger body lift. Went to my buddies garage, and we welded the mounts back onto the bumper for the white truck, and added some light bar tabs. Went back to my dads and borrowed his paint gun. Sprayed on some grey Zero Rust paint, and then some oem matched paint to blend in with the truck.

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  7. Kinda forgot about this thread. I made the M5 louder over the summer.

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  8. Added an Alpina front airdam to match the rear spoiler, and added a custom perforated leather, M stitched shift boot to match the perforated leather M stitched M steering wheel, and a modded cupholder with USB charge ports in it. IMG_1664.jpg IMG_1665.jpg
  9. New dash, need a new ecu to properly utilse it, new strengthened wishbones with caster adjustment, new set of wheels and tyres, shims for more rear camber/toe.
    Need to get some new pads. EBC yellows have seen better days, think I'm going to try some Ferodos next
  10. Picked up a hard shell roof top tent.

  11. DSC_1545.jpg DSC_1540.jpg View attachment 766905 View attachment 766905 DSC_1547.jpg DSC_1550.jpg DSC_1551.jpg ^ Cool tent!

    Some minor cosmetic mods. Next gen Civic Si rims with Dunlop Graspic's for winter, OEM red Honda badges, OEM gunmetal SiR badge for the rear, and ICB Motorsport license plate bolts (much better than my horribly rusted out ones). Also picked up an Integra Type R (22mm) rear swaybar with new bushings, 17" Work Emotion CR Kai, and a Greddy turbo kit! Will install all after winter.
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    "motorsport" plate screws lol dat weight saving, tho

    Srsly though I like those EP3s. A friend of mine just got a Type R

    EDIT: random word choice.
  13. Haha

    Ya the Type R's never made it here, sadly. Though I do like my Si-only sunroof.
  14. sunroofs are underrated

    I'd always prefer one if it was an option. Sad people moan about centre of gravity, but I'll bet the difference is almost imperceptible for most regular people (i.e. not racing drivers)
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  15. T-tops > all.
  16. Edit: it lets my mullet flow.
  17. Sunroofs are great! There are many cars that I've crossed off my list for lack of a sunroof option: 350Z, FRS/GT86/Evo X (unless you want the flappy paddles)... sad really. And you're right, a guy like me would never notice the difference in weight reduction or rigidity anyway.

    I've never tried a targa top though!
  18. Smashed 4 seconds off my personal best at Hampton Downs
  19. I don't remember what your car even is. but 4 seconds off is a huge improvement. that's awesome.
  20. Ya until it rains enjoy your bathtub

  21. Took the tent off for the winter, and swapped out the AT2's for some Duratracs. Also wired in my led dot/sae fog lights and installed my retrofits back in the truck. I had the mirror wired in properly this time, and my bi-xenons are working like normal now. My factor55 flatlink arrived in the mail as well, so I put that on the winch. I also took out the switchback leds in my turn signals and put in amber sequentials. Finally I swapped in a billet shifter for the column as it was a free upgrade.

  22. ^ I want your truck.

    Happy new year everyone! I had my brother pick up some parts at the border for me in his GTI: K Tuned 3" oval exhaust, 3" Vibrant high flow cat, and Glowshift boost, wideband air fuel, and volt meter.

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  23. I totally thought that gti had a snow plow on the front of it in the thumbnail on my phone. Then I opened it and felt dumb.
  24. They're actually getting lots of snow out where the GTI currently is, which is really rare out there so everyone crashes. A snow plow would be a great mod (for smashing others more than plowing).

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