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  1. Been awhile, but few months ago I had the truck dyno tuned, and tried out different styles of tents after selling the black one. Tried out the Autohome Columbus, CVT Mt. Shasta and finally settled with a Hannibal Impi RTT. Also picked up a set of Hutchinson Rock Monster beadlocks, and threw on a set of 285/70R17 Falken MT's. Fun camping rig, as I can stop anywhere and set up camp.

  2. What kind of numbers did you get?
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    I also haven't posted in a while - big transition here. I decided to sell the Civic after the engine died and the new swap. As fun as it was with the new motor at 8500rpm, it literally killed my bank and any further dollar spent was a dollar lost. Sad, but true. Anyway, I've decided to try something really different this time, sticking with the Honda's (though I do miss my rwd Nissan's). Bought it completely stock, all it needs is stiffer suspension, more supportive seats, and obviously more power. So far I've just done some simple things - shift knob, cheap yellow film over the fogs, an undercoat, 3M, and 17x7 +38 Enkei NT01's on 205/40's. They poke out which is a first for any wheel setup for me, though when these wear out I definitely want tires with more meat on them. DSC_2348.jpg DSC_2325.jpg DSC_2340.jpg DSC_2328.jpg
  4. Look, it's a jazzed up Jazz.

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  5. Lol dumps car because too much money being dumped into it then buys car to dump money into.
  6. modding cars is a disease to some people
  7. The cost of rust repair was actually more than the car was worth, sadly. No point continuing on in my opinion.
  8. I'll admit to that.
  9. On the mustang dyno, 259hp 265lb/ft of torque at the wheels.

    Since my last post, I ditched the bead locks. They were too heavy (120lbs per wheel/tire) and I didn't want to re-gear my truck. So I dropped down to 16" solid steel wheels, that I painted white. Threw on a set of studded 235/85R16 firestone destination MT's (going to change out for Duratracs in the same size this week). I also installed a CVT awning (with full bug screen sides), replaced the bed rack with a longer unit, and sold the light bar and reinstalled my PIAA LP570 lights. I also painted the bowtie black and swapped out the gauge face plate and factory orange needles for some red ones.

  10. For the needle swap did you replace with a set of red factory needles? Or an aftermarket red set?
  11. You call it rust, I call it light weight mod :cool:
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  12. Replaced with a set of red hummer oem needles. The needles themselves were a bit narrower but fit like oem. I just needed to shave down the base stems a tiny bit as they were longer than my stock ones.
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  13. Does anyone post here anymore? Seems like it's just Panzer and I posting for the most part :(. In an effort to keep this forum alive:

    - HKS Super Racing Suction short ram intake installed
    - HKS Silent Hi Power axle back exhaust installed
    - Progress rear sway bar installed (no pics because it's boring looking)
    - Hasport rear mount (62A/street) installed DSC_2453.jpg DSC_2476.jpg hasport2.jpg
  14. Most of what's left of us is mostly confined to General Chat (/Misc). Sometimes we even talk about cars, but since there's so few of us - there's not much point in spreading over a gazillion different forums.
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  15. The minute spring rolls around I will be posting in here about all the work I'm doing to my Vette.

    I suppose I could have posted my lift kit and new rubber on the F150. But I don't like the Truck enough to take the time.
  16. I forgot you got a C4. What are your plans for it?
  17. Honestly not much. Just going to fix the few things wrong with it. Ie: alternator, brakes, weather stripping. May do an exhaust. May bore and stroke it out to a 383. But my wife really enjoys it stock. So it may just get a sort of restoration.
    I have been looking at a C5 Z06. If I get that I will be doing some serious shit to it.

    Edit: may do a transmission swap and get rid of the 4+3 shit.
  18. After 7 years off an on of owning this Volt, I decided to state modding it to keep it interesting so my car ADD woudn't kick in and I replaced it. lol!

    Anyway in the last week I've painted the lower rockers body color, installed the Webasto power sunroof (about the only Volt in existence with one) and got the 20" TSW Geneva wheels (the last set in the US from what I can tell). I bought the Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs and am getting ready to install them (as you can see it needs lowering badly). But anyhow, this is as it sits now:

  19. With the lowering springs in:

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