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  1. germany has legalized for medical
    US momentum is heading towards legalization, at least for most states. some of trumps stupid cabinet have backward ideas but it seems they are fighting a losing battle
    DARE has stopped its anti weed campaign

    i think the only country ive heard of going backwards on this is Britain
    you guys care or what?
  2. Haven't seen a single logical reason against it.
  3. Its naturalllll mannnnnng
  4. only arguments are religious, or dogmatic old school law and order types and of course a combo of both

    really ridiculous that its taken this long, but i guess we say that whenever there is any kind of real social progress
  5. A person who approves of legal use of alcohol but disapproves of legal use of marijuana is an incredibly illogical person and/or an alcoholic
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  6. It's should be legal. Just regulate and tax it as you would with booze or cigarettes.
  7. hillary clinton was opposed to legalization
    so stupid. in the pocket of big pharma
    its such a crowd pleasing stance, and so easy
  8. The day when you will have serious health issues thanks to your shitty drug, don't complain.
  9. It's complicated. Being strongly anti-cannabis while allowing cigarettes and alcohol seems illogical. Then again, it's also quite illogical that some societies are moving towards banning cigarettes while lifting restrictions on cannabis.

    How this would affect public health isn't clear to me, and I've seen studies and statistics with conclusions ranging from cumulative harmful effects to reducing overall impact of substance abuse in society. Empirical evidence seems to suggest that harmful effects related to legalisation/decriminalisation of cannabis are minimal. 40 years have passed since personal use of weed was decriminalised in (parts of) the NL. If whatever Fox News said were true, the country would have gone to shit decades ago.
  10. People like this can be annoying:


    But statistically speaking, junk food is an issue much, much larger in magnitude:


    Or alcohol:


    Question is, are there any objective reasons (not culture/ideology-related) why the nanny-state only slightly limits the availability of alcohol and doesn't limit the availability of unhealthy foods at all, but seems it fit to "protect" their people from the dangers of cannabis by taking their credit rating away and making it very hard to get a job/apartment? If anything, that sort of policy reportedly increases the likelihood of potheads to withdraw from society and start using other drugs.

    There are quite a bit more conclusive studies showing the link between certain fats/carbohydrates and diabetes/cardiovascular disease than studies about the adverse effects of spliff.

    Some people can get themselves in pretty bad shape with light beer, doesn't mean that prohibition is necessarily a good idea.
  11. I heard aging is bad for your health too
  12. I'm trying to quit weed because it makes me the least productive person in the entire world, and I've genuinely hated myself for the last few years because of it.
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  13. Is that really because of the substance or because of the habit you've grown used to? I mean, I know pretty healthy people (barely drink, don't smoke, etc.) that get absolutely nothing done because of a habit to play minigames whenever they get the opportunity to, for example. To the extent they went from cooking to prefab microwave meals even.

    edit: I'd have a pretty tough time quitting coffee btw
  14. What are minigames?

    Sounds like they need some banning.
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  15. The two go hand-in-hand as far as I'm concerned. I started smoking when I had no real responsibility so it was easy to just carry on regardless but now I'm seeing how far behind I'm being left. It makes me feel pathetic, and unable to manage real life. I feel like a child.

    At times I've been a step further down the line than the minigame people, in that I'd just smoke weed instead of eating, or just have sleep for dinner. I have started cooking for myself again in the last couple of weeks but for years it was just anything I could prepare with as little effort as possible. No effort was preferable. It feels like I'm having to start from scratch again like I've just started to go to uni or something. I can't really remember what I used to do to pass the time before I started taking drugs. Everything frustrates me. Nothing holds my attention for long enough. I find it hard to face my problems head on and end up just self-sabotaging through my inaction. Suicidal thoughts. I go through phases of sleeping on the sofa instead of in my bed. I didn't touch my bed for a couple of months straight last year.

    Ugh I could go on and on

    going to cry in private. brb.
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  16. Games that take little to no time, but have a reward system when you play it hundreds of times (unlocking stuff). You can find them on facebook, but also some of the older flash games (that western draw thing we did in v3 for example)
  17. @Veyronman before all of this there was travel and photography. Though both can be combined with pot, at least those were a couple of things you could get some sense of accomplishment from, whether it be for the memories or for results you'd like to share with the world (here, instagram, dunno). Or it's just a void because traffic went down here significantly :p

    edit: oh and rugby iirc
  18. I'm a super productive pot smoker, and really makes me think a different way when I smoke which can be great for a new perspective on an issue.

    I smoke most days but I don't mind going without when traveling or if I have none ...
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  19. I care more in the sense of it being a needless restriction of personal freedom. I gave up the stuff ages ago, but I think it should be legal just because there's no good reason I can think of for it to be illegal. Unnecessary legislation can **** right off.

  20. Your very first link shows exactly how false most of these are.
    Drugfree world.org obviously has an agenda.
    "The immediate effects of taking marijuana include rapid heart beat, disorientation, lack of physical coordination, often followed by depression or sleepiness. Some users suffer panic attacks or anxiety"
    Fact of the matter is many jiu jitsu practitioners use pot before training because it actually improves physical coordination, sense of touchdexterity, and your sense of being all improve.
    It is also a fact that when thc is introduced to the bloodstream, it improves oxygenation and blood flow and causes blood vessels and vwins to dialate. Hence why your eyes get bloodshot. All the blood vessels have dialated. This can be a major health benefit.
    It is also now known that thc helps your lungs with oxygen obsorbtion.
    I could go on for days about this.
    Just check the source of the article. See who sponsored it. See if they have an agenda one way or the other.
    Most unbiased university studies would conclude there are zero significant detrimental long term effects from marijuana in most people.
    When I have more time later I will post some proper studies.

    Edit: obviously not burning and inhaling something into your lungs is better than burning and inhaling something into them. But do the other health benefits negate that to an extent?
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  21. just fking get lit man
    just blze it
  22. Those people are annoying as hell. The reason they don't limit fatty foods is because typically you aren't going to chomp a cheese burger then drive up the wrong side of the freeway and swerve lane to lane because your vision is fucked. I think pot should have the same regulation as alcohol.
    I don't think it's the stigma that makes pot users try other drugs. I've know several that never touched any other drug. And the ones that did, did it because they enjoyed what the other drugs had to offer. One in particular just did them to change the reality of her shitty life.

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