Power???? Where

Discussion in '2001 Chevrolet Malibu Cruiser Concept' started by Piranha, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. 250 bhp from a 3.5litre v6???
    U call that power??? double would be acceptable?????
    I want to see that car on a sleeping police!! See Saw!!!!!!
    Chevy Don't copy , be original, don't just put big wheel and a lowereed suspension on your prototypes!!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    May b Your are right. but ...
    toque is enought 387.76 nm / 286.0 ft lbs @ 2900 rpm (for acceleration)
    This car looks good (but there are some japanese lines in body).
    And finally there are a lot of places for tuning.
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    -4 speed auto: no good

    -3.5 60º V6 turbo with 230bhp: no good (nice torque no power, what's the turbo for?)

    -'looks': great but not original(tunning look not factory look)

    -design: 100% japanese with german style bumper on the front!

    -nice OZ wheels, nice lights, painting!

    any audi or bmw would be better and more stylish.
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    the honda civics has 180hp at7500rpm and the chevrolet malibu has
    230hp at 5000rpm the malibu is the beter buy and the toyota celica gt
    has 190hp at 6000rpm it ok. the bad thing is that GM do not make
    performance parts.
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    ok guys
    this car is not bad...FOR A MALIBU

    but c'mon i have a 91 mercury topaz
    its the greatest car

    ppl will say its a shit box but its not
    its so wicked on gas
    15 bucks will fill the bastard and i can drive for days

    and its fast man
    i was suprised

    so...hail topaz
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    Haaa come one Pirahna, have you ever driven a Chevrolet 3.1 liter?

    I own and drive a 1991 Cavalier RS, 4 door man, it's no BM or Audi, but I bet I can still scare you.

    I mean, I've pushed Mustang drivers crazy, Eagle talon Twin Turbo will never loose me from their rear bumbers.

    It's a nice motor, and I bet a 10 years younger turbocharged chevy V6 in my hands would be mean man. I would not change my car for any other now, unless it would be free, my 4000.00$can I payed for it 2 years ago were to best spent dollars of my life, I'm having fun with it everyday, all roads, any seasons, are my practice ground for when I'm really racing.

    If you dont know the feeling of a 3.1, too bad for you!

    I've driven Volvo's, Audi's, Taurus SHO, BMW 850 even, but nothing comes close to my little Cavalier 3.1, cuz I'm not afraid to hurt it.

  7. Re: Power???? Where

    rofl your not going to stay on the bumper of a talon with your lumina engine. lol. maybe the n/a talons. #$%#ing idiot.

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