1. If the 2002 Corvette had the LS6 in it, it made 425hp. I would assume that this year's would make atleast that.
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    except that it didn't have that much, Z06's had 405hp and regular vettes have 350hp<!-- Signature -->
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    WTF! The Z06 only had 405hp and the base Vette had 350hp! Where are you getting your info.
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    who cares? its still good look what i did with my vette below
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    What's so important? It is practically stock.
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    Damn Vette man can you send me an e-mail with pictures of the engine and of that 3000 hp vette u got. [email protected]
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    Hahaha, ignorance is bliss.
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    Do you run it on deisel? You'd have to have a compression ratio of about 3:1 before blowers to run anything like you're suggesting. Deisel is much harder to explode than gas, which is why i asked. The only kind of setup that's anything like you're saying goes on racing tractors in the highest modification class of tractor pulls. Then i must ask how much you paid, and how useful your impossible to homologate race "3000bhp" 'Vette is to really drive. Anywhere. You probably would have to run an automatic anyway, so it's more like 2000 at the wheels. Well, returning to the real world...
    I have a problem. If I want to invest 40,000 USD in a car, I want it to be the best made and designed possible. If I cant get a good useable torque band and 100hp/liter, then i waste my money. In this car I see the useable torque band, but Iknow you could get about 520bhp and more torque out of it with a new exhaust, air intake, cams, and ecu remap. so why can't I have this from the designers? They could do it easy. I'm not even really asking fo 100bhp/liter, just like 85+bhp/liter. I also find the suspension wanting.
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    corvette ... z06 405 hp reg 350 ... the one my friend and i own 860+ hp .. not 3000 hp... cuz thats impossible .. unless he runs a 14 cyl. engine .. and which it wont fit in the vette .. well also wanna comment on the moron who opened with baggin on the vette not havin 425 hp .. the reason for that is lighter body .. more efficiant.. 2005 c6 corvette rules .. almost as big as a porsche 911tturbo.. sic azz ride .. ::hopefully ma next everyday car::

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