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  1. Yes, if I had the money I would definetely buy one of these. This is a timeless classic whose value would only continue to grow (not that I'd ever sell it). A gorgeous car that's technologically ahead of its time. By the way, JetKillr, why would you race this car at the dragstrip? That kind of abuse would cause it too deteriorate very quickly. Besides, this car was designed for roadcourses, not the dragstrip, and it could never compete with purpose built drag racers boasting thousands of HP, 20 inch wide tires, explosive nitrous kits, and the best racing gear money could buy. I'd love to run one of these at the 'ring!
  2. Great car, but what does the ss mean?
  3. its a sweet car
  5. You can actually "drive" one in POroject Gotham Racing 3
  6. When this CLK GT-R was released in 1997, it won the FIA championshp in its debut season. So, why not get this one? And remember, its a Mercedes!
  7. nice car but not worth the money
  8. Thank you, you took the words out my mouth.
  9. Duely, noted my friend I'm wondering what lap time could be captured in this, anyways?
  10. i have loved this car ever since i can remember, i remember playing need for speed hot pursuit 3 and unlocking this car only to race with it for hours

    yes the SS means Super Sport
    but im pretty sure they wanted the meaning to be Super Sexy cuz thats what this car is

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