Price is right on GT-R supercar

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    Nissan's new GT-R won't cost as much as expected

    26th March 2007

    Sources say the base version of the Porsche 911 rival will be the equivalent of £29,000 in Japan.

    The lower price is down to the brakes and transmission. While the entry-level GT-R will employ a six-speed manual gearbox and four-piston Brembo brakes, the £35,000 V-spec version will get six-piston Brembos and a dual-clutch, two-pedal, seven-speed DSG box. A GT-R Evolution with carbon fibre parts to reduce weight will be nearer £52,000.

  2. two pedal?
    as in its not a true manual?
  3. Do they mean two paddle?
  4. I think thats more like it
  5. don´t think so

    two pedals = 1 brake pedal + throttle as the DSG is semi-automatic and doesn´t need any clutch pedal, the clutch is automatic
  6. Ahh, so they mean automatic. Gay.
  7. six piston brembos + six speed manual = heaven.
  8. No, DSG-style. Much different than a normal auto. Not gay.

    But not as good as manwell.
  9. I dont care if its faster, I still think its gay.
  10. even better than a manaul, much fatser gear shifts and continous power available at the wheels

    only the cluch is operated automatically,
    it will be activated when shifting the gears manually just by touching the gear lever

    you are open to left braking and controlling the throttle with the right, a real drift king
  11. Ouch at +100K CDN.
  12. ffs Auto Express and their naming of everything as a supercar
  13. hahaha. If Nissan was clever, they'd (finally) sell this in SA. The rice rockets here are only the Evo and Subaru. We'd love to have this!
  14. UK/EU prices are never direct. Based on these prices, it will start at 45K and up to 80-85K CND.
  15. doable,
    and its specs already rip the 911s
  16. I'll believe it beats 911s when an actual production model is in the hands of the automotive press.

    People saying "OMG I hope it beats the Z06". How the hell is that going to work?

    At the speculated 450hp it would already be at a 50hp disadvantage.

    The Z06 weighs in at over 150lbs LESS than the 350Z. And you're going to add on an AWD system AND twin turbos?

    Even if it beats a 911 it's going to be a bottom rung non-turbo model and if it costs $100,000 I won't be that impressed.

    And it that’s the price I hope it has a significantly improved interior in both fit and finish and materials over the 350Z / G35. They look nice on the outside but the inside is horrendous. And has anyone managed to not break the dashboard glove box thing?

    I'll reserve final judgment after the testing of production line models.
  17. No, you judged it already.

    Because you are gay.
  18. Sad Americans won't be use to seeing a Nissan that cost 70K.
  19. Depending on where it's power is, and if it hold up to the steller levels of handling of previous GTRs, it could be a hell of a bargain performance wise. If it comes in at ~60k US for the base model, that's not too bad.
  20. increase the boost duh. they make it that way on purpose
  21. OMG I hope it beats the Z06
  22. :O
  23. STFU n00b

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