primitive engine for easy to get power!

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  1. this car has a terrible hp/L for a car this expensive!
    it has a 62.51hp/L, compare this to that of an S2000, 125.19hp/L
    if it had an engine this good it would have 1001 hp!!!!

    ok a fairer comparison, lets put it against an integra type-R, a car that you americains consider crap and slow, forget the car, lets look at the engine, 110.05hp/L, it could have 880hp!

    and here's something to consider
    if it had as good an engine as the1967 Toyota 2000 GT it would have 604hp!

    and this is the concept car, the GTS or RT/10 have even worse engines

    and dont say theyre very good for their price, here in australia the RT/10 costs about 250k and the GTS about 220k, an S2000 costs only 75k!

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  2. Re: primitive engine for easy to get power!

    idiot, hp doesnt move cars, torque does
    look at how much toque those cars have when talking about power not hp,
    also power to weight ratio comes in too, hp does nothing but to sell cars, hp is merely a calculation involving max toque at that rpm. quit domestic bashing and read a book, i'm not saying that jap cars are bad or anything so dun call me racest because i'm chinese, theres no real way to get toque without force induction, nitrous, or a bigger engine. keep that in mind you moron
  3. Re: primitive engine for easy to get power!

    holy shits. man i like japanese cars but in the cae of hte viper hp/L really doesn't matter. if it had more hp/L this car would cost SOOO much money.

    s2000's are cheap but 75K???? man in the u.s they're like 36k. maybe this is just the foreign exchange but i thought aussie money is similar in rate to u.s.. in the u.s the viper is about 80k-90k. personally i would enjoy to see the viper emulating the tvr speed 12(8 litre 800 hp), but this car would cost SOOO much more. 90k is a pretty good price for such a car, even though i am not a huge america car fan i can see that. there are other cars in other countresi that can match this value, but unfortunately they aren't sold in america. while this is hardly the best car not everything must have good hp/L.

    this is relateily cheap way to get good horsepower. that's good. cheap. power. you see the picture? its a beast with a unrefined suspension and i would be proud to drive it.

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