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    Do we have any other print designers on the site? If we have a few it'd be nice to have a thread to use for help with questions, comparing methods, and other aspects of printing.

    Acid Flyers - PRINTING -
    Competitive pricing, offset printing, full color w/out charge, small to huge quantities, excellent free customer service (online chat, phone, email), many products. Free mailed sample packages offered. Used by WhiteChocolateWorld.
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    I think godfather & finger eleven do some print design, maybe dahldrin as well?

    Maybe we could get a pretty good list of links together for print design knowledge, printing companies, packaging companies, etc.

    For printing I've been using Acid Flyers @ , they're out of Florida and have excellent prices for their products (that I've used so far at least). Full color costs no extra, excellent cutting and print quality as well as finishes.

    So far I've used them for business cards, brochures, postcard mailers, event tickets, event posters, and event flyers. Shipping has been fast and I've been 100% satisfied with each product to date.

    I have potential work coming with a candle & spa company who are in need of everything - logo design, signage, business cards, posters, mailers, packaging - basically a complete corporate image.

    Have any of you guys utilized a packaging company (online would be best due to us being all over the world, unless they're a pretty large company)? I'll need custom printed boxes, labels, wrapping most likely, and probably a few other items I'm not thinking about at the moment.

    I've searched a few sites and found some that could be nice but you can never have enough input.

    I'll make a list of what I've found online that print designers could benefit from and maybe we could make for a helpful few posts for questions & discussion.
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    Time to fight.
  5. You got flyer ACID in my eye!
  6. I haven't actually done much. Mostly just photos, business cards and a few small things. I made that logo in vectors for print, but they actually ended up redesigning it anyway (and I don't like the new design at all).
  7. Sucks they redesigned your shit. Did you get your cards locally or online? After getting into this and seeing how much places like Kinkos bank/rip people off, its just mind blowing.

    I forget exacts, but its something like:

    Kinkos: 1000 cards, one color, one side, no coating: $120 +

    Acid Flyers: 1000 cards, full color, both sides, aqueous uv coating: $38
  8. In September I will be taking a course on Print Media. Should be fun.
  9. That's sweet man, I was going to take a course or two on it this summer but ended up working. Hopefully soon though.
  10. Yeah, it kind of does. I wouldn't really care if it weren't for the fact that I personally think the new logo looks much worse.

    I actually went to Kinkos, but the business cards were for me, I didn't need a lot and didn't know if I'd be changing it, so I only had 100 printed (IIRC). I think I payed something like $20 for full color, single side, uncoated (I think). I do like the way they came out though. They aren't glossy and the print has a small amount of depth to it (don't know how to describe it). I also was able to drop off the disc in the afternoon and pick them up that night, so that was really nice.
  11. Hmm theres something crazy wrong w/ the ones in columbus then. I'm going to stop by one tonight to get a pricing for some brochures and I'll re-check what they're offering for cards again. I do know the one I went to was seriously expensive though.
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    Some of those are cool, but they've got to be pretty expensive. I wonder how much a custom emboss costs... it'd be cool to have a card with a treadmark across it. Mine's pretty simple/cheap, but I like it. It gets the job done. I just designed it in Photoshop the day I had it printed.

    Like I said, the white is all just plain paper with no gloss and everything else is sort of a glossy thicker ink on-top. Like I said, nothing fancy. I went the Cops route on my phone number.
  14. Looks nice man, I like bold designs like that, and the red in your logo rocks.

    And yeah, some of those designs in the link look cool but have to cost a ton/take forever to make.
  15. There is some awesome stuff happening with prints these days.

    Myself and a mate are currently working on some limited edition prints we're going to get printed on canvas and hopefully sell. He's doing the drawing and I'm doing all the computer work. We've got some pretty cool stuff so far, and I know there's a market for the type of stuff we're doing, but we've just got to get it out there which is going to be the hardest part.

    We're getting the canvas done at a place here in NZ (obviously off-shore is going to be expensive to ship) but the prices are really good for such a process. We've had a test print done A4 size, mounted and everything for well under $10 USD.

    I'm not really sure if this helps, but I thought it may be of somewhat interest.
  16. Rad, I just use Kinkos.

    My friend works there and prints all my shit for free.
  17. This may be a weird question, but your buddies name isn't Jay is it?
  18. No man.
  19. oh ok cool just wonderin
  20. PHOTO PAINTINGS Here's some of my interpretations - Photoshop is the greatest! BARRY
  21. You are right, there is a market. Here's some I have sold on eBay. Can you provide your production source in NZ, I have been looking for better prices on Fine Art Paper and Streched/Mounted Canvas. BARRY
  22. This is our 2008 catalog design by me. Front back and front inside cover. Here is also one of our flyers design by me as well.
    Hopefully we will have the 2008 2nd edition out soon with this type of layout inside. Im working on it as we speak and should have it out in May sometime.
  23. Here is a design I did for a dealership because of the SB1613 law in California. And a postcard that we will be sending out to our customers.
    Its still a rough draft right now, hopefully I will have a new and updated one up soon.

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