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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Richard Owen, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. One would think this is obvious, but please don't post private information and pictures belonging to other people in here. We don't need in the middle of any personal battles.

    And just because you create 10 threads (looking at you numbers) doesn't make it right either.

  2. welcome back.

    can you demod luke please?
  3. I just woke up and removed Numbers, didn't look into the content yet
  6. this

    LOL, is someone trying to sue
    my guess is someone for defamation
  7. "We don't need in the middle of any personal battles."

    This made me lol since making a post in General Chat on you automatically enter a personal battle with Mc777.
  9. how've you been Rich?
  12. Luke is annoying me.

    Demod him or I'll sue this website.

    EDIT: Also, make me a mod or I'll sue this website, twice.

    EDIT: V 2.0 Also, make comunista a mod or I'll sue your pants AND your balls.
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  16. A mod trying to extort money isn't any better btw
  20. I was about to be all post exert from guidelines stating no second accounts, but I realised they've been removed.
    Can we post titties everywhere now, Rich?
  21. so what actually happened? numbers posted person info of a member on general chat?
  22. it's about turbo's thread, but i dont udnerstand whats going on
  23. I just noticed my sig
  24. some aol & facebook chat with some girl that took offense at having her photos and private information posted here. After that deletion of this information, Numbers posted it another 10'ish times.

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