Discussion in '1991 Lotec 928' started by RLQ, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I like this Porsche, but I heard it had some engine problems?<!-- Signature -->
  2. Re: problems?

    I'm not all that educated on this Porsche. All I know is that it looks awesome.<!-- Signature -->
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    wats wit the 6 pages and 3 posts?
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    where they gone?
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    well, I don't know about this model in general, but on the whole the V8 in the Porsche 928 was a decent unit. Strange enough, throughout the entire life of the engine, the block never change- the stroke just got bigger and bigger, from the orininal 4.0 all the way up to the beastly 5.4 in the GTS. THere is no real specified weakness to this engine.

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