Prodrive did a great job!!!

Discussion in '2005 Aston Martin DBR9' started by AZNdude, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. I just wanna say that Prodrive did an awesome job with this car!!! This thing is beautiful!!!
  2. I agree, this has to be one of the sexiest cars ever built, and it's all yours for $900,000 - full race, just like the one for the teams.
  3. To both of you, the picture you see is not the real car. It's a crappy photoshop that gives somewhat of an idea of what it might look like. For either of you to say it's one of the most beautiful cars ever built is just stupid.
  4. Isn't this just a rebody of the Mustang/Jag XK trans-am car?

    If you really want to see what ProDrive can do, check out their Ferrari 575M or the old Subaru WRC car.
  5. No, this is a purpose built GTS spec LeMans racer. Also, the 575 GTCs were built by Ferrari, not Prodrive. Prodrive built the awesome 550s that won LeMans in 2003.
  6. its kinda funny, i went to prodives website and saw this before posted. Like about 10 mins apart.
  7. Man, this photoshop thing is just getting better and better. You could almost believe that it's the real thing being unveiled, and track tested, and boy they even make those people look real!
  8. Owned
  9. Haha, i was gonna say, ive seen actual aston martin quotes about this car, so this is no bs photoshop. damn nice tho. beautiful car. we're looking at next year's gt class winner...simply because of prodrive and damn am could use it.
  10. lol yu just got told rabbitl1!!!!!!!!!!!!!POWNED
  11. no...more like because every driver will be druling when the look at this car pass them and then they will crash and aston will win....
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    It is the real thing- check out the article on I like the lines, but is there an aerodynamic purpose to the cheese-grater hood? Why not just have a single extractor? I'd be anxious to know if those intakes go to different places.
  13. this car DEFINES sexy, well in terms of caar sexiness.
  14. lol i know this is real, but the images provided for us do look photoshopped.
  15. That's a bullshit price. I don't give a care about how astounding this car looks or performs, it is not worth $900,000. It simply isn't reasonable to price a Ford car at such a ridiculous trade cost, no matter what the quality. I might have paid a million dollars for an AM ten years ago, but definitely not today.
  16. Man you got owned hard.
  17. How much do you think most any modern race car costs? This isn't a road car, $900,000 can't be compared to road car prices.

    No Aston Martin production street car has ever cost a million dollars. If you somehow think that Aston Martins have gone down in quality in the past 10 years, then you're simply delusional. 10 years ago, without Ford, Aston Martins would still be puttering around with a smogging V8 or a weak Inline-6.
  18. Nothing wrong with that Tadek Marek V8 <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    But with the vanquish, DB9 and V8 coming out, Aston Martin have lsot nothing since Ford took them over ... It looked a bit dodgy for a while when the DB7 first came out.
    But now they are back on track.
  19. damn. only if i could afford one. or at least see one in real life, it would be nice

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