Proof that my college is messed up...

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  1. I go to the trouble of shaving my pubs every few weeks and my girlfriend won't do a thing with hers <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>. It's damn annoying. I need an article like this written for women.

    Hell, she even lets her leg hair grow out through winter.
  2. oh, well then when they take us to the mall for hours on end when we dont want to, can we take them to track days/ car shows? when women sit there and #%[email protected] at you about their day, and we dont want to hear it, does that me we can hang up on them?

    women are #%[email protected] who think one-sided and selfish. someone needs to smack-ah-beech and get shit straight.
  3. That was the most incoherent thing I've ever read, are you drunk Digorno?
  4. squat over a toilet? i strip down in the shower, its easy to get all the angles that way
  5. I shave my nads for noone >_>
  6. i shave, but i leave the balls alone. ever try to shave a raisin?
  7. He might have been a year ago, when this was posted.
  8. How dare they publish this! Also, Kansas called, they wondered why you aren't there.
  9. I dont have pubic hair
  10. I have it trimmed short, however, I need a volunteer to wax between my shoulders.
  11. i have a groin beard
  12. oooooh they post about dick's ball hair what a shame!!!
  13. they can shave me with their teeth
  14. hahah
  15. I shave. It looks great and pays dividends.
  16. I do it on my roomates bed.
  17. I've seen surveys that say chicks like shaved balls the best. Just do it in a hot shower when they aren't too shy.
  18. owwwww

    the only time a man can dry is when his date uses her teeth.
  19. Stop being such a nancy. It's a column/ op-ed peice, it's not meant for news. It's purely opinion and newspapers need opinion almost as much as fact.

    I found it rather entertaining. It's pretty funny, especially when a chick pays 120 bucks for a wax, I didn't think that shit was even close to that much.

    College kids care about sex organs, not Peter Jennings. That's why that shit is in there. You give your audience what it wants.

    Don't like it, then YOU write for the paper and try to become an editor and determine what goes in it.
  20. it might be weird if it made the front page of the national paper or something, but it's ONLY a college newspaper

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