PSI Corvette C5-R & C6-R in full liveries!

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by rabbitl1, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. I think they look badass! It's awesome to see some non yellow Corvettes racing.
  2. These Corvettes will be racing in Europe along with the 2 Corvette Racing C6-Rs in the ALMS:

    PSI Experience Corvette C5-R - LMS
    PSI Experience Corvette C6-R - LMS
    Luc Alphand Adventures Corvette C5-R - LMS - Blue/Yellow
    SRT Corvette C5-R - Belcar - Blue/Silver
    GLPK Corvette C5-R - Belcar/FIAGT - Green
    GLPK Corvette C6-R - FIAGT - Yellow(for now)
  3. Look great! Have they indicated which car is faster yet?
  4. For all intensive purposes, the C6-Rs should be faster. No one will run a C5-R in the ALMS because they know they can't beat the Corvette Racing boys. I'd say the ALMS factory team will easily have the best cars.
  5. These look awesome. I loticed that they left the yellow around the headlights on the C6-R. They also left the back of the C5-R black.

    Anyone know how much they bought the cars for?
  6. Cars look 10 times better at Paul Ricard.
  7. More pics of the C6-R.
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  9. They look really good.
  10. Any idea what those three holes at the trailing edge of the driver side door are?
  11. Those are lights. They light up for what position the car is in. Example if the car is in 1st place, one light would be on.
  12. Sure it's not to indicate the number of pitstops it has made?
  14. whoa they look hell cool
  15. No, it is to tell position.
  16. As others have said, the lights are an awesome system created by the ALMS to help keep track of who's leading the class. 1 light is 1st in class, 2 lights is 2nd in class, and 3 lights is 3rd in class. It really helps make sense of things, especially if you're at the race. I'd like to see this system adopted my more racing series, it really helps.

    Last week when I was at Sebring, There was a GREAT 3 way battle between the Panoz, Ferrari, and Porsche, and they swapped the lead a million times, so the lights were really a huge help in keeping track of who was in front.

    The big hole on the side of the car right behind the door is the Corvettes bespoke fuel filler. Most cars have the filler cap right on the outside of the car and a nozzle is just attached right there. Corvettes however is placed well within the car. This is because of a horrific accident in 2004 in which a relatively light hit to the area where the fuel went in sparked a HUGE fire. It totaled totalled the car, and the driver was lucky to escape. If you see any pitstop pics with the Vettes, you'll see the fuell filler has a fuel hose with about a foot long black pipe, about 4 inches around that is stuck into that hole where the fuel filler is set deep inside the car. This almost completely prevents any accidents like that of the past from reoccuring.
  17. but rabbitl1 obviously they travelling so fast you'd struggle to see the light wouldn't you?
  18. Wouldn't the dark matter counter the effects of the lights?
  19. Not at all. It's very easy to see.
  20. That is bad ass.

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