PT Cruisers SUCK!!!

Discussion in '2001 Chrysler PT Convertible Concept' started by 2TallofaHobbes, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. these things are eye catching, but they are NOT beautiful... It ugly. It stats suck, my friend bought one and sold it two days later he hated it so much and he loves chryslers.

    PS. ANYTHING made by Chrysler Sucks. I've heard that there is a new prez or manager or something of Chrysler. For all u Chrysler lovers u better hope he can make Chrysler more valuable than dog $h!t.

    Quote from an arguement my step dad and step grandad had about Chryslers:
    Step-Grandad: "I've owned more chyrslers than you've owned cars."
    Step Dad: "Yeah, thats because they fall apart before they make it to the dealler so they have to use super glue to put them back together."
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    To me i think Ford made the ugliest cars i've ever seen. Ever look up records, ford is one of the most crashed cars (ford always says their cars are the safest, but they have somthing in their car that just magnets an accident straight to it) in the entire world. Chrysler is one of the most stable american cars that i know. besides Dodge is with Chrylser, which means the viper is on chryslers list.

    ur title says pt cruiser sux, but ur text says chrysler sux as a whole.

    I have comments from people saying this pt cruiser is a cool car and comments saying its ugly. besides there are not any good chrysler super cars on this site, its the family sedan class car of its company. Dodge is the supercar class of this company. U gonna bring Chrysler down, looks like u have to bring Dodge with it.

    Does Dodge sux in ur mind?

    Chrysler prowler is not bad, classic looks with modern feaures.

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    I hate this car so very much and it is very slow, very ugly and if youre single you could only pick up dogs in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    strange, I thought the pt cruiser trend would have been dead by now. maybe next week...
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    Yeah hopefully.
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    Yeah hopefully you will be gone.
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    Everyone so far on here seems to be saying PT Cruisers Suck...because...they suck...and chrysler sucks...because they suck..

    Give me a reason why you say they suck...Does a PT Cruiser sit one inch off of the ground and pound the ground with 700 Horses coming out of dual exhaust built for the sole purpose of driving 1320 feet? No. Does it have decent power (PT Turbo) for soccer mom's or young buyers that want an eye catching people mover? Yes.

    I think this is a gutsy move at first, and has paid off, for Chrysler...the innovators, it seems, lately in car design. If they suck so much, please tell me why they still cannot be kept on the lot at a volume of over 80,000 (last I heard) per year? They are now under Chrysler's 7 year/70000 mile warranty too.

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    Ill be gone!! HAHA!! Why are you gone then?
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    Listen here Noob, Majority rules.
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    Ty ight, but they are comfy and convenient.
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    I totally agree with you. Why bash a car because it can't race. Why not praise it because of it's family values.
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    My god what a waste of money!
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    Just wait to see Turbo.
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    you guys are dumbasses. You say this car has bad it built to be fast? no. so why would it be? And not every car company focuses on speed or luxury. How is chrysler any worse than any other company with the same interests? You can say chrysler's aren't dependable but they're about the same with ford and chevy. Don't crack on a car company just because they don't make sports cars
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    Im talking about this car in general, not just its performance. It is really crap!
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    True but Chrysler is almost making M5 type cars.
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    point is, this car is ugly. a poor attemt at bringing back old styles. this car is a disgrace to old school design thinking.
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    Youre ugly.
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    please read the other posts.
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