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  1. My friend just said, he read somewhere that the viper is cabable of beating the ford GT in the 1/4 mile. He said the GT ran 11.8 while the viper ran 11.7. Well i dont know alot about the quarter mile times on either car, but i doubt the Viper could win. Please tell me the real stats so i can make him look like an ass, if he's wrong.
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  3. also can I add, what does the Z06 run in the 1/4 mile 11.9 or 11.7...Im not sure I think it set a new record by running, one of those times, and the Z06s acceleration is 0-60 in 3.9 right??
  4. hes right i believe
  5. hes right i believe, but the GT still demolishes it on a track.
  6. i haven't seen a time for the z06 anywhere near that.
  7. The actual numbers from the Motor Trend comparison test were [email protected] for the Viper, and [email protected] for the GT. So your friend is rounding down for the Viper and up for the GT, the actual difference is not nearly that much. The Ford GT has since done the quarter in [email protected] in the latest issue of Motor Trend.
  8. maybe they tested an overworked mule for the first car? that's a huge difference.
  9. The GT in the test was a pre-production confirmation/certification prototype. This test was also done while the Ford GT's horsepower was still officially quoted as 500, not the 550 of the finished version in the latest test. They don't make any mention of it being worn out or abused, but those two factors are probably enough to account for the difference.
  10. good enough for me.
  11. and the Z06 ran an 11.9 when GM High Tech Performance magazine just recently tested it...most mags get low 12's with it...and as far as I know the Z06 has never been tested to 3.9 0-60...GM claimed it would do that but no mags have ever achieved that....oh and also, remember when you mention the GT kills the Viper on the has MORE power...and is a hardtop...making it both more ridgid, and lighter than the SRT-10 interested to see how the new Viper coupe stacks up, with supposedly 550-600hp....

  12. GM said it was capable of 3.9 sec 0-60. It would have to be under perfect conditions in order for it to happen though. Even then its doubtful. An 11.9...pride swelling...smiles.
  13. pride swelling? you weren't the lead engineer or anything you nerd.
  14. Actually Motor Trend Tested a Z06 that ran a 12.1 1/4 and 4.1 0-60 pretty damned fast.
  15. The Viper actually weighs 58lbs less than the GT according to Motor Trend, but chances are the Ford GT is producing quite a bit more power than quoted, and it does have better slalom performance. Both are great though.

    600-ft slalom:
    Viper SRT-10: 70.4 mph
    Ford GT (from the same test): 71.5 mph
    Ford GT (recent test) 71.8 mph

  16. No but I am a die-hard Chevy fan. And when Chevy does something great I feel great. I've been called a lot worse than a nerd.
  17. And that 11.2 @ 131.2 for the Ford GT was done at the very same location as where the Viper did 11.77 @ 123.63: Ford's Arizona Proving Grounds, which has a stickier surface than MT's usual test location. MT alludes to this in the text of the linked article:
    "Although we attempt to keep things as equal as possible, our Viper was tested on what might've been a slightly grippier section of test-track pavement." They reiterate their suspicion in their test of the WRX STi in the very same issue, comparing its times to the Evo, which was tested at the same time and location as the Viper.
    Their previous Viper test at their normal testing location was quite a bit slower in acceleration, and worse in braking.
    With this equal footing, it's a better indication of the GT's vastly superior acceleration than their initial test of the GT (11.78).

    (The best published acceleration times so far for the Ford GT, Enzo, SRT-10, and Murcielago were all done at Ford's APG. Edit: Quickest 1/4 for the CGT was also done there.)
  18. Thanks, I was wondering if that was the SRT-10's fastest time, that confirms it, I usually see around 11.9-12 flat.
  19. Ive seen a Z get around 11.7 and lower with only DRs and vararam. Stock it has gotten high 11s with skilled drivers. Even without powershifting.
  20. im sure you've been called a lot worse. and im sure you will be called a lot worse in the near future, as well.
  21. With all these ford lovers and import lovers its bound to happen.
  22. i'm not a ford lover, i'm a car lover. as are most people here. if you don't figure it out pretty quickly, you're not going to have much fun.
  23. I didn't say any names.
  24. i'm giving an example, you don't have to give any for me to use one.
  25. Im very interested to see that too, coupe versions like the GTS have always proven to be awsome looking too. I mist see the Blue with the white stripes again<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

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