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  1. Season 1, episode 3 ends with Hurley throwing a song on his trusty walkman; anyone know what song that was?
  2. don't know
  3. get me a sound link you #%$
  4. heres a question:
    I haven't watched an episode until last thursday, someone tell me what the **** is going on.
  5. Not at all? you want from the beginning?

    Here goes. A plane crashes on an island after wandering 1000miles off course. around 15ish or so people imprtant to the story live on the island waiting for help to arrive. 40 days later, none has, and they discover they are not alone on the island, there are "others". They are terrorized by a mysterious beast (a black cloud essentially). They soon discover a hatch, blow it open with dynamite they found on a rotting ship miles inland. Inside there is a well-equipped bachelor pad and a mysterious clock. They must enter a series of didgits every 108minutes or something happens, they just don't know what. Meanwhile, on the other side of the island they people from the back of the plane (it split in half before crashing) have their own problems. The "others" randomly kidnap and or kill members of their group. eventually they meet up with three people from the other group of survivors (they had tried to raft off the island) and hike accross the island.
  6. Ok, new angle, if you don't know, don't reply.

    Thanks a bunch.
  7. No one's gonna know something that assinine.
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    "This episode features two songs: "Leavin' On Your Mind" by Patsy Cline featured on the album "Greatest Hits" played while Kate and Ray are driving to the train station and "Washed Away" by Joe Purdy featured on the album "Julie Blue" played during the closing scenes."

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    Thanks, it was "washed away" I was looking for. I was told it was Ben Harper (and it does sound a little like him) but I couldn't find it listed in his catalogue.
  10. Someone has trouble following instructions. Go sit in the corner #%!@ass.
  11. Actually i was providing information to someone who asked a question. So bite me, long and hard.
  12. You're welcome.
  13. No, you were responding directly to me. And whatever homosexual tendencies you have, don't try to bring me into them.
  14. You've done a bang-up job; really top shelf. Take the rest of the week off!
  15. There's some good music on that show.
  16. Yes master...
  17. i think it may have been damien rice, could be wrong.

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