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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by jebustheallmighty, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. I just got my Wii hooked to the internet and now when I turn the system off the usual red light is now yellow and the blue light around the disk tray glows. Is it possessed?
  2. It should never be red: that's an error code (like if you had to hard-reset it or something). Yellow means standby, which for the Wii doesn't actually mean it's all the way off: the processor and internet connection are still working in a low-power model to monitor for emails and updates or whatever.

    If the blue light around the disc opening stays on, you have a message or an update to install or something: look at the Wii message board. That light staying on and sorta' pulsating basically says "I have news!"
  3. ...err, I suppose red would be OK if you didn't have it networked, since it would probably skip the low-power mode and go right to off in that case.
  4. Time to check out your messages!!! When I get my wireless working again, I wanna get all the scn wii owners id#s
  5. I'm gonna mod all the LEDs in mine to make all the lighting red, possibly bright white.
  6. I want the blue light around the disk drive to stay permanently blue.
  7. you could probably wire it to do that pretty easily. IF you're willing to crack it open
  8. I get people asking me all the time at work how to do that.
  9. Or you could just email yourself and not read it. Either way though. Your call.
  10. If you're a pussy
  11. exactly, although you'd be sick of that light after 10 minutes... there's also an option somewhere to adjust how bright you want it
  12. Got a new camera last week. Who's played around with the Photo Channel? It's really fun. Not as cool as weather though. But thats cause I am obsessed with weather.
  13. The 'Net channel is where it's at. I watch FLV videos on my Wii now more than regular TV: I hate to watch them on my computer now. Also a lot of websites and services are starting to be re-written to work better w/ the Wii.

    I would love for them to launch a "media channel" which had easy music and video sharing over a network tho' (instead of having to do hacks by setting it up as a web service for the browser)
  14. Hey I do that too. But in 720p.
  15. the photo channel, I thought it would make a great electronic white-board, but it's actually really hard to write anything legible
  16. A lot of free-TV websites have streaming video in 720p eh? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  17. Ever heard of a torrent/MP4 encoder?

    Quality is worth doing all that "hard work". If I where lazy I COULD just stream the same TV shows you're watching.
  18. youtube quality videos are painful on a screen larger than a monitor
  19. I'm lazy. Unless I really like a show, I'm not going to bother when there are all these flash sites...
  20. It's possessed.
  21. Why the hell where you talking about streaming video anyway SteWii? You might be a fan boy if you bring up things you like about the system when the question was answered and no longer needed added comment.
  22. In english?
  23. Why the hell where you talking about streaming video anyway SteWii?

    You might be a fan boy if: you, Steweside, bring up things you, Steweside, like (enjoy) about the system (nintendo Wii) when the question (whats whith the lights on my Wii) was answered (solved) and no longer needed (wanted) an added comment (from you).

  24. You have a hard time following a conversation. I'm not the person who brought up the question of the Wii channels.
  25. And you go on about your streamng TV shows. Something EVERYONE can do, unlike the photo channel and weather channel. Its all you talk about.

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