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Discussion in '1997 McLaren F1 GT' started by Vision K2, Aug 10, 2002.

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    High Stakes came out over three years ago, I have had it for years and that was when it became a greatest hits (for playstation). They had the rights to use the car in the game, but not exclusive rights to the like like they did with porsche.<!-- Signature -->
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    ya need for speed II and ever since an obsesion has been created. this car has fans that suck it to the ground, how cool. grand tourismo doesnt have it because the game is realistic and uses real cars whereas this car is extremely impossible to get your hands on to test at the track. sultin of brunie (probably not spelled corrcetly) probably has more than one in his huge garage. anyone want to help me steal on from him.
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    I'll do it! Seriously I'd do anything to have a McLaren.<!-- Signature -->
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    Is that a picture of you Booga?<!-- Signature -->

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