question for you bible thumpers...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by f11111, Nov 15, 2004.

  1. you claim you have high moral values when you vote for bush, but why are you so eager for war, pollution, and poverty?
  2. HAHAHAHAHA... you suck.
  3. welcome to your first neverending thread Mr.Dreams
  4. what the hell?
  5. Questions like this make you as dumb as religious people.
  6. Such is better than moral depravity.
  7. its a us thing...
  8. I agree with you 100% LOLZ

    war: nothing has ever been solved by war
    pollution: the industrial segment of America holds not importance
    poverty: the government should find jobs to those who dont want to work
  9. You fail, hard.
  10. War: Wrong. Look at WWII, the Revolutionary War, the Korean War, the Great War, and the Civil War. All of these wars rectified, or prevented, albeit at a high cost, a certain injustice.

    Pollution: I am in between on this one. We should be responsible, but not overzealous, and realize that the earth has endured far worse than what we can dish out.

    Poverty: WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! We should NOT force jobs on those who don't want them, and your a fúcking moron if you have to ask why.
  11. Homie, he's kidding..I think.
  12. Oh. Well, that's the shit that liberals spew.
  13. Yea.
  14. Dunno, given the "I agree with you 100% LOLZ"

    Plus his '#$%# you homero' avatar.
  15. 1) what 'injustice' did the iraq war prevent?

    2) okay, wow, we agree on something

    3) so a net negative job loss, soaring college tuition, a greater divide between rich and poor, a $5.50 an hour minimum wage that cant support jack sh*t .....all that doesnt concern you? and more btw...
  16. To me the "LOLZ" suggests a laughter of agreement. But hey, some guys think "no" means "yes," so, what do I know?

    (it does, as a matter of fact)
  17. 1.Look up the gasing of the Kurds idiot. Thousands maybe millions would be dead if Saddam Hussein were still in power.

    2.Shut up

    3.Whomever wants to work here works, one way or the other. Again, shut up.
  18. 1) If nothing else, it removed a bad, bad dude from power.

    2) Okay.

    3) If people don't want to work, why force them?
  19. 1) its not our business to police the world

    3) im talking about the people who WANT to work, who have a college degree, but are flipping burgers...
  20. I guess that's what happens with an arts degree.
  21. Hegemons police the world, sorry.
  22. 1) I disagree. As top dog, I belive it is our business to rectify injustices.

    3) I know you didn't say this, but "the government should find jobs to those who dont want to work" seems to be the Liberal party line. Of COURSE we should help out of work people find jobs, but that also means making it easier for existing employers to hire more people. Ergo: business tax breaks.
  23. Yup. Get a professional degree.
  24. People with an arts degree are EMO.
  25. 1) we can save tons of tax money on this...why have military bases in germany, japan, etc. and dont say its to better mobilize our forces...

    1-b) okay, lets go kill off every dictator and industralize africa...wait, why is hamas still around, and castro, argentina, congo, somalian warlords, CHINA, etc. etc. why arent we rectifying that?

    3) business tax breaks will help people find jobs? is that your solution? why dont we just re-elect clinton and fix this mess...

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