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Discussion in '2000 Jaguar F-Type Concept' started by Bill Oddity, Aug 9, 2002.

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    without a doubt, this car would have put the Z4 to shame.
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    Alright, bruddah man, I'll reply... firstly, although I might be accused of stating the obvious, by saying it was "not too shabby around a track" I was actually complimenting the Corvette in a round-a-bout sort of way. It was a joke, ie. I was NOT saying it didn't handle. Secondly, in what way did it beat M3 and Boxster? G-force? An American road test (probably biased too - I know that Aussie road tests tend to be biased toward Aus-built cars, ie. ignore their obvious shortcomings like poor build, resale, etc)? Anyway, point is this: if it's a g-force test, then I've read somewhere else on this site that the Elise did not get as good a g-force rating as some other car (probably the Vette) - does this mean it does not handle as well? (you BETTER NOT say it does, because you would be disputing almost every respected motoring writer in the world who say that the Elise is the best handling real-world sports car in production) And if it's an American road test, then how is that the DEFINITIVE word on handling? How about Australian and European conditions?

    And don't go accusing me of being anti-American or whatever, because FYI I happen to like the '67 Mustang and Corvette Stingray - just wouldn't be expecting to set Nurburgring records in them =0P
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    I was just about to say that "not too shabby" is a compliment not an insult hehe, but i guess you sorted that our for yourself. A corvette was tested in Australia by an australian magazine, and although the engine was hugely praised, the build quality was said to be quite poor, and the suspension apparently had no even remote ability to handle rough australian roads. The last comparison i read in an AMERICAN magazine (i think motor trend) arond 1998 said that the corvette was outhandled by the NSX, Ferrari 550, Porsche 911 and I THINK the bmw M coupe. (dont quote me on this, but im 995 sure that the NSx was said to be much better handling). Nowdays, a boxter has been said to handle superior to an NSX, and arguably better then a 911, so I doubt the vette would handle better (not syaing it doestn, i just doubt it). I think maybe american mags may be a little biases as aussie mags tend to be to our cars. Regardless, as I said before, the cars may be in the same price range in america, but in other countries the boxter would no doubt be cheaper, and probably abot the price of a base corvette. Porche has factors such as build quality, style, tradition, advancement that the corvette could never have. Comparitively, the M3 probably has more of these then even the Boxter. TO be honest, even if the vette was a better track car, to me its a bit pointless unless you can drive it on the road with some degree of comfort. If not then it may as wel lbe compared to an exige, which would absolutely thrash it on a track (maybe not in acceleration, bu tevery other area). Either way, the corvette is still the only current american car i dont absolutely hate, (although id still never buy one, even if they were availiable here). As for the jaguar, I wouldnt no chance take that jag over the boxter, simply because of jaguars terribly reliability record (since as far back as i can remember)and the fact that jaguar nhave not had a car in the last 5-10 years that could outhandle a porsche to my knowledge. I love the cars, but they just arent practical.
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    Another issue with this car is that it is a prototype. When (if?) the car ever is put into production i thin kthe appearance will be very different. I would suggest the rear bay be similar, but the car from front and side will probably just loook like a small XK8. The bodykit will also probably be more understated.
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    the plan was to have the f-type be a long side the x-type in price range.
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    I only have one comment to your response, the Vette gets very good gas mileage. The BMW M3 Coupe gets 16/24, the Porsche Boxster S gets 18/26 mpg. The 2003 Corvette gets 19/28 mpg!!! That is awesome for a 5.7L V8! So fuel wouldn't be an issue for the corvette.

    (These figures came from the respective car company's site)
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    *LOL* Thanks for the figure Bigrick. =0) I must say I'm surprised... although in Aus we saw a similar phenomenon with the atmo and supercharged 3.8 V6 in the Commodore - the supercharged had better fuel economy because it was under less strain to deliver its power (ie. you could "take it easy"!) Anywayz, if those numbers are correct then apologies all! Peace
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    I very much agree with you in this. The Boxster may not be light-speed fast but it has had numerous awards for its mid-engined Porsche handling.
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    this has to be the hottest car i have seen jaguar make in a long time, as for the sex quote i agree besides the british have a very good sense of sex ( im british)<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/cool.gif"></A>
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    the car is 100 times better looking then ANY porsche.
    Some ppl say it would have had a 6 cylinders others say the 400bhp supercharged V8. we will never know since it won't go into production any time soon.
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    British not good with sex, hell man what have you been trying to do we have sex you see.
    I saw it was a j/k so you're okay really.
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    wait wait wait.... time out...

    first off the Z06 M3 Boxster S comparison is bullshit... porsche needs the 911 i wont argue that the S is too slow... handling i dont know how it could lose but oh well... now hold on this jag here is supposed to beat the boxster???

    the S runs 0-60 in 5.5 with 250 HP, i dont exactly believe that this car runs 5.5 with this little horsepower considering that the jags are soo front heavy...

    and comparing this to the Z06 and the M3... better off comparing the boxster S

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