RalliArt Evo has the X factor

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  1. RalliArt version will take a spot in Mitubishi's Evo line-up

    10th October 2007
    Mitsubishi RalliArt Evo

    Look out Subaru! The hot Impreza STI is on the way, but it faces a stiff challenge from Mitsubishi. The all-new Evo X will wear the Lancer Evolution badge when it hits the UK in March, and the maker’s RalliArt tuning division has got its hands on it. This stickered-up car debuted at a motorsport event in Japan. But when it reaches British dealers, the RalliArt version will sit below the top-spec Evolution in the line-up, and rival the Impreza WRX. (AutoExpress)
  2. But it won't be AWD, right?
  3. I don't see how it could rival the Impreza if it isnt, unles its RWD which would make it awesome, too awesome even for the Evo
  4. The new STI can suck a fat one. Oh, wait it already did.
  5. AWD and turbo I believe. Just not as quick as the Evo. I'm guessing it'll probably have a less aggressive suspension/brake setup too.
  6. Excellent... the old RalliArt was a joke.
  7. SWEET, if it's AWD and Turbo. They'd probably sell plenty if it were FWD turbo, but AWD makes it way sweeter and as mentioned if it's going up against the base WRX it's kind of a requirement.
  8. Haha indeed it was. I can't wait to see how this car turns out actually.
  9. You go suck a fat one. Oh wait you already did.
  10. RenaultSport Magane > WRX, and it is FWD.
  11. The headlights looks like it came from a S2000 from that angle pic.
  12. Meh. WRX has far more potential.

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