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    Race Line (normal apex)

    r=radius of corner center line
    W=width of course
    w=width of car
    r.o=radius of outer edge=r+0.5*W
    r.i=radius of inner edge=r-0.5*W
    R.o=effective outer radius=r.o-0.5*w
    R.i=effective inner radius=r.i+0.5*w
    X=effective width of course=W-w


  2. good thread this.
    nice to know some of the stuff I learn has a use.
  3. Idea for maintaining a proper bond thickness.
  4. they use micro sized beads to set the separation thickness between the panels of glass in LCD displays, so this is not uncommon at all.

    That being said, I was under the impression you want bond thickness to be as small as possible to benefit from geometric strengthening.
  5. I have found the best bond thickness to be between 0.013"-0.007".
  6. those are pretty big numbers for glass bead spacing though. Dunno if they make them that big. Theyre usually in the micron range IIRC.
  7. Well a zero bond thickness would not work, since there would be no adhesive.
  8. lul
  9. Update: since it has been awhile

    I am having some of my 'minions' design and build, an LED tachometer with integrated shift lights, pulse width modulation (PWM) for fan control, and PWM on a fuel pump for a return-less fuel system. All of this I will try and post when complete.

    I am planing on writing an SAE paper on damper selection and design of attenuation of them (bell-crank design). If I get time before I am done with school I am wanting to do some research on column buckling specifically related to control arms (since both ends are not actually pin-pin connections).

    Is anyone interested in know a crapload about fuel injectors, as this is what my research is on?
  10. I just had a coursework on this. Quite possibly the most interesting comparision factor to me <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  11. How'd it turn out?
  12. Long story short...

    LED tachometer worked (I will see if I can find the drawing for it and post them)

    PWM for the fan was tested and worked but never implemented. Some aftermarket ECU's have built in PWM outputs that can do this very easily. Also, Spal does make out designed for normal vehicles.

    PWM for the fuel pump was tested by would not work, PWM could only reduce flow rate stability down to around half of max output, and we needed it to flow in the 15-20% range.

  13. see images for my paper (that I have not finished) on Push/pull rod suspension actuation kinematic design.
  14. Pictures from the paper

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