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  1. I think it'd look clean if you took off some of the siding stuff/painted it body color, and chrome along the windows, etc.
  2. I've thought about it.
  3. And after I took all that time washing and waxing my car, its dirty again.
    Me and some friends went to six flags on Sunday. We got to our hotel Saturday night, stayed at six flags all day, then drove home straight from the park. Didnt get home until 4:30 in the morning.
  4. We instaled a new diff in my friends car, it would have been faster if it wasnt raining. But that didnt stop us thanks to my genius idea.
  5. hosting old pictures.
  6. I really want a new car.
  7. 357 FNK

    is that how many days of FUNK are in your year?
  8. I had already thought of the funk thing, but now I'm going to use the 357 part.
  9. Dont you already have two cars?
  10. No, I've got three. I want to replace the Focus for various reasons, one of them being that I can't drive it any faster than I already can, another is that I just want something new.

    I'd really like to get a new Miata, but a 911 SC, or something Japanese would be sweet.
  11. get a volvo
  12. That is a sweet Bertone. I think I've seen your car on turbobricks.com. Are you a member on the forum there?
  13. Yes, my name on turbobricks is rancidponymilk.
  14. Yeah, that's what a I thought. Awesome.
  15. I assume you are also a member, if so what is your member name?
  16. Yeah, I'm a member. Not a big time poster though. My name is 240MAN.
  17. You should post a picture of your car.

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