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  1. i meant, make friends with the guy who owns the mini
  2. Z'omg 240, you?! SWEET lets SR20 this shit up homie.
  3. I have no idea who owns it. I havent seen it in a while.
  4. sr20 ftw
  5. Oh please tell me you have one in your own car. I am getting one soon.
  6. Yes, but its a non turbo because I'm poor and it was really cheap. Pictures of it are on page 4 of this thread.
  7. You always have nice weather
  8. No we dont, its always sunny and too hot. It got up to 80°F today! And last I looked at a calender, its still winter.
  9. What camera do you use 426?

    Here's a pic I took today:
  10. canon A80 and canon 5D
  11. Send me your weather plz. And that 5D
  12. I'll send you our summer days when it gets up to 115°F, I dont want them.
  13. Is that Mustang hoisted from the oil pan?
  14. There was some serious wind the other day and the dust was blotting out the sun.
  15. No, its on the front crossmember.
  16. trackday action
  17. That pink car has 18x12 wheels in the back, and he's running 225/40 tires on them.
  18. I tried to edit my post it gave me some wierd error. Anyways I just sold that Maxima not long ago, the funny thing is that I have an exact same one except different rims and better condition that is almost fixed and ready to sell, I'll get some pics of it.
  19. Steering wheel covers are lame, you should take it off.
  20. i already sold the car..

    it was on when I got the car, i didnt care enough, plus i got used to it so now when i drive my current maxima the wheel feels thin
  21. I rarely ever see a maxima with a manual.
  22. I have another manual that im about to go wash and take pics to put it up for sale. i love them, this is my fourth one

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