Ranger or S-10

Discussion in 'Trucks and Motorcycles' started by Manos, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. Howdy everyone, hows it going.
    I'm faced with a dilema of sorts. I'm probably going to college out of state soon and I'll be living in fairly mountanous terrain so i need to sell my camaro and get something more versatile. First, fuel economy is crucial! i wont have alot of money to spend on a big k5 and its repair costs and fuel bill. second, needs to have low miles, 55k or less preferably. Ideally i would love to have a jeep wrangler or cherokee, but i have found that the mileage is always high and prices are also (at least for my budget). soooo, basically ive got it narrowed down to two small trucks, the Ford Ranger, and Chevy s-10 (2wd models). Which one would you guys recommend and why? I'm a diehard GM guy but I want to give ford a chance, ive heard good thigns about their trucks.

    Thanks for the advice.
  2. The S-10 is a serious piece of shit. Go ranger.
  3. I'd say S-10
    but I'd avoid the 2nd gen 4 bangers(94 up)
    they have issues with several key parts
    and are 3X harder to fix then the 1st gen
    my dads(98) is practicaly falling apart with 60k miles
    while my $100 87 is running strong going on 3 years

    a running dual plug 4 cyl ranger motor is a hard find where I'm at
    which is saying something with how many Rangers they made
    and that I know every junkyard within 50 miles

  4. Also, get a car.
  5. i cant, im going to be living in a pretty outdoorsy place up in the mountains. i need somethign decently versatile. also, i love hunting and fishing and just beeing outdoors, so i dotn think a car would be my best choice, if so, id keep my camaro
  6. What about a Subaru?
  7. A Diesel full size might work, too.
  8. nah. cant find any for a good price really, unless its some boner model. and also, i want a truck so i can do outdoor things. and im more of a domestic guy
  9. um, i doubt it, fuel economy is a priority for me, and also, i highly doubt ull be able to find a large diesel with low miles for 5-6k in good condition
  10. Diesels get good fuel economy, and their fuel is cheaper.
  11. Theres no #$%#ng way your gonna tell me a full size f250 diesel or something is going to get "good" fuel economy. and as for price, it may eb substantiaonaly cheaper in Europe and maybe certain parts of the U.S., but for the most part i dont think a 5 cent difference is that colosal.

    so....how bout we stop talking about these jewish subarus and diesels, and get back to deciding whether i should go with a s-10 or ranger
  12. meh, theyre all pretty high mileage for that price, and i prefer domestic
  13. yea, i thought about it. do you guys know much about em? from what i heard they arent as reliable and there engines arent as efficient and long lasting, fill me in with some info if you got some, thanks.
  14. I've never heard anything about the 3.9 magnum going bad
    but 3 out of 4 vortech 4.3s I know of are broken, all with lower end problems

    that being said, the vortech has 5 more hp, and gets 2 more mpg highway
  15. Frontiers are nice too.
  16. I love my Ranger, and while I would recommend it over the S10 anyday, its fuel economy is really not that good. I have the 3.0 with a 5spd and the best mileage Ive ever got is 25 mpg only once though, otherwise its good for 20-21 mpg. If it means anything to you, they stand up to abuse very well, so long as you keep up on maintenance. If mileage is the main importance, than I'd go with a tacoma.

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