Rather have a Z06 cuz ITS FASTER!!!!!!

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    0-60: 4.7 sec
    1/4 mile: 13.1 sec
    Top Speed: 175MPH
    Price: $49,505
    Engine: V8
    Power: 405HP
    Weight: 3,117 lbs
    Torque: 400 ft lbs

    0-60: 4.7 sec
    1/4 mile: 13.3 sec
    Top Speed: 155MPH* whith the electronic limiter
    Price: $45,000
    Engine: Inline 6
    Power: 343HP
    Weight: 3,461 lbs
    Torque: 269 ft lbs

    these are the REAL figures.
    I would take the M3 then take my extra $4,505 and put it into the car.

    Born in the U.S. Proud of my country, not their cars.
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    question: why must there always be a vette vs whatever? its beginning to drive me crazy!
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    The M3 would rape the 'vette on a track. How often do you see the real tests going in a straight line only? When's the last time a magazine didn't test a car's cornering capability? Ever heard of under/oversteer?
    The vette might take the M3 on a straight line, but in a realistic situation the vette'd fall short of the M3.
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    you people talking about built for autobhan and luxory and all that crap are pussies. the first thing i would do after i bought a sports car would be rip out all the crap that doesnt belong there i.e.
    power windows, power door locks, power ajustable seats, sound deadening material, a/c and heater, the stereo and all its components, the stock seats would have to go, air bags would be gone, in the case of the m3 that back seat would be 86ed, carpet gone, headliner gone. all thats stuff is dead weight and to a purest absolutely unnessesary. so, to the purest to say a car is better because it rides better or has better interior apointments is ludacrus because those things are the first to go. as for the ls1 not being a good enginecheck the gt race circuits its proven strong bulletproof and powerful. for you people touting about banners of the more cams the better well when the next gen vette comes out and the new z06 bows be prepaired to throw convention out the window because it will come with one fewer cam than the current ls6. thats right a camless engine with electronicall activated valve and infinately variable valve timing. oh just in case you still dont believe in the greatness of the corvette just wait for le mans ... again.
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    sorry mate ur an idot the m3 is so much better than any yank tank. my dad actually owns an E46 M3 and i have returned as of 5 mins ago from driving it. not only has it awesome grip, awesome speed and awesome handling, but it has the BEST engine note out of any car i've heard, and i've heard plenty of gen 3's. i will leave u with a quote from EVO magazine comparing the SL55 AMG to Americans "..an American muscle car with a nicer interior and the ability to go around corners" - start the hate mail now pushrodofiles.

    ///M3 forever
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    thats what u do for a race car, unless u want to turn it into sum drag
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    mate ur a moron from what i have read the genIV has twin cams and is a pushrod - the twin cams to allow for Variable valve Timing. if u think multiple cams r stupid y do all real sports cars have them, like f1 cars and LMP racers? if u wanted a true race car where everything that is not raceworthy is superfluous is rejected y the #$%# would u buy a shitty corvette which can't steer. truth is u r just an american fool and if u benchmark all cars by le mans performance than rationally u must drive car hard for 24 hours straight pretty often and have a servo nearby with a high pressure fuel pump. u sir r a true moron and the reason for all the dumb american jokes.

    the m3 is so much better than ne yank tank.
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    u'd have the Z06 coz u like suck cock
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    i'd rather have an R34 GTR because it's faster round the nurburgring

    out of the m3 and Z06, m3 all the way, it may be slower in a straight line, but then you have to consider handling, image, quality, comfort.

    in every area except speed, the m3 wins hands down
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    Why do people always compare using the best times for one car and worst times for another? It's so unfair and retarded! A Z06 doing 0-60 in 4.7? It was probably done by some guy who didn't know how a manual 6-speed transmission works.
    And a lot of people have been mentioning the handling of the Z06, well guess what, it's very agile and corners quite well according to pretty much everyone who tested it. And it's more fuel-efficient than an M3.
    Both are great cars, but performance goes to Z06, end of discussion.
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    man give me the M3. the corvette may be good, but its still a chevy
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    anybody who buys a performance car on the cars fuel consumption is an idiot
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    There may be better cars than the M3, but at least it is technically superior, with good comfort levels.

    The Z06 on the other hand sucks in all areas - comfort is crap, crap engine. The bhp/litre ratio just shows that.

    And yes the Z06 may be fast, but it is nothing special in engineering. Hell, the engine is 50 years old.
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    Couldn't have said it better myself.
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    Re: Rather have a Z06 cuz ITS FASTER!!!!!!

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but the Z06 is in 996TT/360 Modena territory. That's one step above the M3.

    Here's a same-day, same-driver test of the M3 and Z06. Notice the lap time between the Z06 and the M3 is simply huge. In fact, the 350Z, 996 Targa and M3 are very closely matched, with the Z06 out in front by the largest margin anywhere in the test. Whole seconds. And on top of it, it delivered the best ride.

    "Even more surprising is that, among our foursome, the Z06 actually delivers the most compliant ride in daily driving conditions. Few doubted the Vette would trounce all comers at the racetrack, but would it also be the most comfortable?"

    And to the person who cited EVO magazine, they also wrote this of the Z06:
    "However, when you're pinned to your seat by raw accelerative g, plastic quality is the last thing on your mind. It really does have the most ridiculous levels of grunt. In fact I don't think I've ever experienced a car with so much any- gear, any-revs response; if you wanted you could simply slot it into fourth gear and leave it there. Happy to chunter through town at 30mph, the Vette then likes nothing better than to hook itself onto the 911's tail and torment it as 3.6-litres of unsuspecting German flat-six attempts to run away and hide from 5.7-litres of roaring Yank V8. With Barker at the Z06's wheel it soon got a taste for M Coupe, too, as a somewhat surprised Roger Green discovered.

    'I was amazed to see the large yellow nose fill the rear-view mirror of the M Coupe,' said Rog. 'Through a long fast right-hander I expected to see it fall back, but not only did it stay put, it went past down the following straight!'

    As Rog hinted from the cockpit of the
    BMW, the improvement in the ZO6's chassis over the standard Corvette is as impressive as its ballistic speed. Predictably it has masses of road holding, but it also has feel, composure and a modicum of mid-corner adjustability, something lesser Vettes lack. Dr Barker, having just administered a large dose of humiliation to the rest of our convoy, makes his diagnosis of the ZO6's dynamics.

    'Grip levels are very strong, so you can learn to trust it and lean on it. Its brakes are superb, too, the best here with a wonderfully feelsome pedal that gives bite right from the top of its travel and doesn't induce chassis squirm, even on very bumpy corner entries. I'd say this points to a well-sorted detail suspension set-up and a much stiffer structure than other Vettes.'"

    So please. No more comments about the Z06 not being able to handle. It certainly can.
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    Is drivability even a word
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    You said this thing wins in drivability? Right, and it handles as good as a pure sports car (the Z06) caz its suspension is cushy? you should do some reading man
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    nice, take the best Z06 times, the times no one could ever reach. Vs the worst M3 times, times a 14 year old could reach in an M3.

    First off the M3 is $48,000 not $50,000 and the Z06 is is $52,000

    2nd. no one in a Z06 is going to get 3.9 0-60 unless you're a pro. driver. most hit 4.1 to 4.2 sec.
    and most M3 drivers get 0-60's of 4.7 sec.

    3rd the M3's inside is a luxary car, the vettes inside is a f*** chevy S-10 with leather seats...big deal.

    4th the M3 seats 5 the Z06 seats 2.

    5th the Z06 is a V8 sports car, the M3 is a 6 cyl luxary sports coupe.

    6th the M3 is closer in price to the base modle vette ($44k-$51k) and the vette uses 2 more cyl's and 2.5ltrs more, to make 7 more HP.

    7th the base vette and M3 run almost the same 1/4 mile time.

    8th, the M3 is a better car, give it up.
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    The BMW has a better engine, a better BHP/Litre.

    Can the Zo6 be used a Family car?

    Is the Zo6 as luxurious?

    No, No, No...

    Bad comparison.
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    can the m3 be used as a family car? not unless your kids are midgets or amputees?

    does luxury matter when fanging a car? no

    does HP/Litre really matter that much? not really when you see that the Z06's powerband is so much wider...
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    The Z06 is faster, but I think the BMW has more style. Seriously, so many people own a Corvette that driving around in one doesn't seem very "cool" anymore. It's like, when the new H2's came out, not that many people owned one so everyone thought they were great (well, most everyone). But now, you see even soccer moms driving around in them. Just not that appealing anymore. Same with Corvettes, in my opinion. Plus, I'll bet you anything that a guy with an M3 could pick up chicks easier than in a Z06. And honestly, isn't that what's most important?
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    ur calling the corvettes looks old... when the m3 has looked the same as all the other 3 and 5 series cars for the last 10 years
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    u think so? road & track compared the 350z m3 z06 and 911 targa... the z06 beat the m3 in lap 0-60, skidpad , 1/4 mile, braking and lap time... the only thing the m3 won was in the slalom
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    Maybe the M3 looks about the same as all the other 3 series BMWs because it is a part of the 3 series? Just a thought...

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