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Discussion in '2002 Ford GT40 Concept' started by TAWS7, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. viper is a 80,000 dollar pos and ur basically paying for an engine a fiber glass body it dont even look thta hot and dis would kill it in ne thing wen u race em ur lucky if the tranny of the doge doesnt fail off the strating line.
  2. Yea, an $80,000 POS that still kills $220,000 Ferrari's on the dragstrip and track.

    You're lucky if the transmission doesn't fall out of the Dodge? Well, guess what...The Viper and GT-40 share the same transmission. The Tremec T-56 6 Speed.

    Next time, try to make an educated response.
  3. I am a Mopar Enthusiast but I beleive the GT40 will have the edge in performance.

    The Viper is a monster, plain and simple, thats the way it is designed to be seen.

    It is one of the most intimidating modern cars both to witness and hear.

    The Gt40 has a more refined aura, seemingly having more in common with a Ferrari.

    The Gt40 may be quicker but only a test will tell, the Viper has amazed us all before, besides throw a Supercharger on the V10 an see who comes out on top.
  4. Who cares who wins.. i just say bring on the world!!! Its about time all three American Automakers had supercars. YEAH!!! Time to take them on by brute american FORCE!
  5. There is no way on earth the Viper looks better than this car. No way on Gods green earth!

    I'm sorry man, but the new viper is not cleaner looking than this! No way at all!!!! I'm sorry man, I can't believe what I'm hearing.
  6. why would dodge but a supechardger on a 500ci viper?
  7. The GT40 produces the same horsepower and torque, but since it is a mid-engine layout less horsepower and torque will be lost through the drivetrain with obviously a better weight ratio. So in reality, the GT40 puts more power to the wheels and I'm betting with a nicer torque curve with the supercharged 5.4. It has a great advantage in gearing. It should be AT LEAST 300 pounds lighter than the viper. Aerodynamics and drag definately go towards the GT40 as well. Only traction goes towards the viper with slightly wider tires but that won't stop the GT40 from beating it in any performance category, 0-60, 1/4 mile, track times, top speed [unless they limit it].
  8. i don't know if you've been reading the whole thing or not(i don't blame you if you haven't that's alot of stuff to read) but Ford has said on their website that it will not be a 200 mph car "we could build a car that goes 200mph but it wouldn't be a GT40" that's something like what they said.
  9. I think the GT40 will win because it has less mass.
  10. does anyone know what the GT40 is going to weigh?
  11. Ok. So top speed will be about the same. When are you ever going to go 200 mph anyways?
  12. It should be under 3000 at least.
  13. Boniville salt flattes
  14. i know this thing is not going to have many electrical and luxury items. it probably going to be the lotus of supercars, might not be the fastest but it all rally through the turns.
  15. Let's not forget that the GT 40 was originally designed to be an endurance racer, not a ordinary racer or a roadster. I like the GT40 a lot more than the Viper, but it wouldn't surprise me if the Viper beat it a short circuit race or a top speed test. But there is noway in hell the Viper will beat the GT 40 in a race 12 hour race or in a race like the Le Mans.
  16. Why not? Are you familiar with the back-to-back wins at LeMans for the Viper? What about 3 out of 4 victories at FIA GT? 24 Hours of Nurburgring? Sebring? The Viper is known for its amount of victories at race series. Both cars are. If you ask me, this will be a very close battle, the only thing is the GT-40 has an estimated price of $45,000 more than the Viper, and won't be out until mid-2003 as a 2004 model.
  17. They say that the GT40 will cost 120,000 dollars and have 100 produced the first year.
  18. Limiters aside. Which car would you be safer in doing 200mph? I think it would be the gt40.
  19. no not until they put a spoiler on the GT40. and also we already know that the viper is gonna be a 220 mph car (if you don't think that's right i don't blame you i'll just have to find that Motor Trend)
  20. in top speed probably the viper, thanx to that big ass spoiler in the back and the body work in the front. now if ford could give out an even higher end model like gts40 or something with spoiler and better downforce don't care about the power than probably the GT40. and i don't believe the viper can do 220mph as a everyday run it might be the best it has done under perfect conditions(just like the vette fans saying it does 0/60 in 3.9 sec.the funny part it with 490hp 480Tque it did 0/60 in 3.7 sec). the other thing about the viper winning 2 years lemons well if they did it would be before the saleen and vette coming in the ring most likely.
    just making sure no one misunderstands does times as being their average.
  21. The Viper dominated the Vettes in LeMans. Corvette's are beating Viper's now because the Viper doesn't have full factory backing like it used to. In 2000, they both had factory backing. The Viper won that year, as well as the year before.

    Oh, and I've yet to see the Vette win the FIA GT. The Viper has won the past 3 out of 4. Nor has the Vette won the 24 hours of Nurburgring, which the Viper won this year as well. And this year, you got it, the Viper dominated in the Open Track Challenge, even defeating a modified F40 on racing slicks. The Viper was wearing street tires. People who understand the Viper and watch races know the Viper is a huge threat on a track.
  22. yeah, it wouldn't be a gt40 because then it would be able to beat modern ferraris instead of just the ones from the 60's. way to cop out, ford!
  23. thanx for clarifying that up for me svsi viper, i wasn't to sure. but yah, right now the wipers are lacking, to bad becuase they have bullet proof engines in the ring. you never know hopefully vipers will come back with factory backup.
  24. I don't care what your in, if you crash at 200MPH your not going to live. You'll be lucky if they can identify your body without using your DNA! Lets be a little realistic! If your going 200MPH, your not safe in anything on the ground!
  25. I don't think motor trend said the Viper will be a 220 mph car. However, the 2003 WILL have a 220 mph speedo.

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