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    This isn't a cursing war all make it sound like I hate Americans and American cars....please it isn't like that...

    Words come out different than when you hear someone speak...

    Personally I think that a Z06 would probably beat the crap out of this RX7 (pending the RX7 isn't a twin turbo)...

    About the "throw some more cubes on the engine to make some power" well....I dont wanna say that that quote is discribing American manufacturers....but it seems that way....

    I mean....when Say The integra came out...and the successors to their cars came years after that...they used the same displacement and kept getting more and more HP....but the New Viper comes out and the want more HP so they bore and stroke it ....the engine was already 8.0L how much more do you need.. ?

    Stop with the hostility please...I am not cursing at any of you ...!
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    Both of these are great cars. I hope you all relize that. It does not matter how you get your power(unless its NOS), as long as you get it. The numbers can be argued and what not, but they are both amazing autos. Only way to see which is better on the track and the strip is TO TAKE THEM TO THE TRACK OR STRIP AND RACE THEM!! Everything else is pure theory. As for Corvette having more history than Porsche.....only in America my friend. Everywhere else, Porsche takes it.<!-- Signature -->
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    As for how bigger an engine do you need- well Ferrari4ever, as much as it takes, as much as it takes. <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE -->"That is a bunch of crap. For this car mazda reworked this thing. it probley running with bigger turbos and better suspention. Diffent seats? does that make any sence? your going to make a car and make it a special edition and just add stupid seats? give me a break find some real stats on this car then you can talk"<!-- END QUOTE -->

    Iceman this is from the intro to this car on this site

    "The Type-A Spirit R is a two-seater model fitted with the Recaro-made exclusive red full bucket seats. These lightweight seats reduce the overall chassis weight of the vehicle by approximately 10 kg. Braking performance is enhanced through the use of large drilled type ventilated disk brakes for all four wheels and high rigid stainless mesh brake hoses. The Type-A Spirit R model is the ultimate RX-7, boasting the most outstanding driving performance in its history."

    As 4agze pointed out, what i said was not entirely acurate. This is ot the top of the line American Spec Rx7 like i thought, this is the top of the line Jap Spec which is about 280 hp. It was pointed out earlier that it does about a 4.5 0-60 and a 13.5 1/4 or something to that nature (you can look it up earlier on this thread). But i was correct to a point, this car has new seats to save weight and new brakes, that is the only difference between this car and the normal jap spec "Spirit R"
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    RX-7 will win, coz it could beat a skyline GT-R, WRX STI and sometimes Evo6 with no doubt, i think the Z06 can't beat the Evo6 for sure. beside this car is wayyy lighter then the vette
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    Re: 2002 RX-7 Vs. 2002 Corvette.

    Please dont compare technical people to those people who "hook up" their civics...they are just for show.....

    Well actually the RX7 is probably the best handling road car in the world....Trust me it is known for its handling..[email protected][email protected]$Lancer%20Evo%20VI%20GSR.html

    this says that the Evo6 did the quarter in 12.6 but the road test in the magazine said 12.4.....

    I read C&D R&T and motortrend....and I dont know if I can always count on them....becuase they all say differnt things...

    For example MotorTrend says that the Z06 beat the Porsche GT2 in a few tests (I think it was handling and acceleration) you and I both know that there is no possible way...

    Then MotorTrend said that the Z06 bulled 1.04g onthe skidpad and the GT2 only did like .99
    and that the Z06 has a lower drag coefficiency..yeah right

    Ummm........maybe the magazine should be called "American MotorTrend"

    but then R&T said that the Z06 did .98 and the GT1 did 1.02!

    What is with that?....I will see if I can find the magazines...they are here somewhere...
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    Re: 2002 RX-7 Vs. 2002 Corvette.

    Well, magazines say differnt things, because they get differnt times and test results. Many times cars get differnt times when testing. Car and Driver was able to manage to get 0-60 in 5.4 seconds in the new WRX, but I think Autoweek got something like 6.2. Now, those are two ends of the spectrum, one is on the faster side of that cars capabilities, one is on the slower side. It comes down to test conditions, drivers, the wear and tear on the test car ect.

    But anyways, about the wankel. I worked at an RX7 specialty shop for years, and I will confirm that FD rx7s are very unreliable....they really dont last long, and they are very delicate....and allthough they can be tuned to amazing power, you better not slip up and run lean or you will loose the motor in no time. However, not all wankel engines are unreliable. Turbo rotaries tend to be pretty frail, however, non-turbo rotaries are actually as reliable and sometimes even more than some piston engines. I ruetinly saw original NA rotaries over 250K miles. They are very reliable.

    Hahahaha, i have one here for you that will really piss off quite a few people, but quite a few will like it:

    The times on that first one are really weak, there must be a problem hooking up or something.
    Personally, I think it isnt thaaaaat bad, but I do feel dirty about saying it, hehehe. I mean, you want a extrememly sexy hot looking and handling car, but you also want very reliable big power and torque.....its a good combination. And actually, with all the accesories on the 13BREW the V8 only weighs about 75-100lbs more!

    What do you guys think about that one??
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    That is Amazing!!!! It is the best of both worlds, huge american power and TORQUE, and slick styling and handling. I do wonder though how the handling charateristics of the car channged with the added weight up front though.

    As for Ferrarri, different companiesget different resultdue to a bunch of reasons,

    -quality and skill of driver
    -test location (high altitude/low alt)
    -test conditions (humidity, temp, barrometric pressure, time of day all have huge HUGE effects on the way cars perform)
    -different companies use different skidpads

    By the way, why is it so hard to believe that the vette has a lower drag coeficcient than the porsche? It very well might, that doesnt mean that porsche is bad or anything jsut that the vette has a lower drag coeficient, thats it. The z06 is a world class road car, and the fact that it just compets with the GT2 not to mention bests it in some cases in incredible. So what if the GT2 pulled a lower skid number the odds are that around the track the GT2 would win pretty much every time, but that vette wouldnt be to far behind either. Ferrarri you sound pretty biased twoards american cars, unwilling to accept the fact that the stereotypes that you have believed for so long might be untrue about the american car industry. Deal with it, american cars handle too, and very VERY well. Hell the Viper pulls between .97 and 1.01 on the skid too depending on which mag you read along with respectable high sixties low seventies slolom speeds, thanks to its fully independent race bred suspension.

    Oh yeah one more thing to whoever took my comment about the neon srt and compared it to the s2000, dont be a retard, the s2000 is an open top 2 door 2 seat roadster to compete with the bmw z3 (or m roadster) and the porsche boxters, not the neon. Why would you insult the s2000 by having to point out that it is better than a 4 door 4 seat family econobox. Holy Sh*t man.
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    Okay, okay, okay. A few things.

    Both are very nice cars, and both are very quick. Yet, both couldn't be more different. The engines are vastly different and comparing HP/L or Displacement could only be the worst comparison. The only real way to get a good comparison would be to line up both cars and run perhaps 10 drivers through both cars. This would give you a nice average performance number.

    Another gripe is the displacement numbers and what not for rotaries. The 12A is approximately 1.2 liters. Actually, it is closer to 1.1 liters. The 13B is approximately 1.3 liters. There are 2 larger engines and they are the 20B and the 4 rotor beast in the 787B. The problem with increasing displacement is that to do it efficiently the method is to increase the number of chambers. i.e. going from 2 rotors to 3 or 4. To do this you really need to pay special attention to the excentric shaft. However it can be done.

    Lastly, the car is a 4 stroke motor. It goes through the same intake, compression, expansion, and exhaust as recipricating piston engines. It just happens to give 2 power strokes per revolution of the eccentric shaft, as opposed to 1 in a piston engine.<!-- Signature -->
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    phunk, all of the cars you mentioned except for the s2000 have turbos, slap a pair of turbos on a vette, for example, lingenfelter twin turbo, and you have nearly 700 horsepower, for a hp/l ratio of well over 100 to 1. it will also have an extremely high amount of torque. i would rather have a ar with a 5.7 liter motor making 100 horsepower per liter then a car with a 3 liter motor making the same power per liter, hell, i would rather have a car with a 5.7 liter motor making like 70 horsepower per liter, like a zo6, then a 3 liter car making 120 or 130 horsepower per liter becasue of the huge torque addvantage. the heavier weight of the large motor is even partially countered by the weight of turbos and intercoolers needed for the smaller motor to reach big horsepower. i think everybody should just chill a little and just respect a fast car, wether its from displacement or forced induction. everyone has their own opinion on what makes a good car, and for the most part, they are right. this debate springs up in every forum, whether it is for a viper or a ferrari or a civic. if the car is fast, respect it. i like just about all cars, but i just happen to prefer the throathy rumble of a big american v8 to the scream of a 9000 rpm 2 liter inline 4.
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    pmurf54 ...yes that is alot of HP but the vette is 5.7L are you crazy or something...we are talking about small displacemtn engines...not your big 5.7L V8's..

    plenty of NA engines produce 100 HP\L
    Ferrari 360 3.5L 400 HP
    Honda S2000 2.0L 240 HP
    Civic Si 1.6L 160 HP
    Integra R 1.8L 192 HP

    No american NA stock car can math that ...NONE...that is my argument!

    Efficiency is very important....that is what I have been talking about since page 3......

    this is also true about acceleration....American cars are built for straight line speed...that is why they aer always comparing 0-60 times and 1/4 mile times...geeze

    They dont concider the many other elements of cars.

    Oh...and we bring up the z06 because it is supposed to be so fast!...and most other (well pretty much all the rest) american cars dont match it....

    Oh and when I said that about the S2000.....I mean the engine only...I know that the Neon can't even come close to comparing to a S2000...
    S2000 2.0L 240 HP!
    Neon 2.0L 150
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    see there you go again....that is my whole point.. a 3.5L Ferrari 360 will make 400 HP....your Z06 will make 400 HP also...but it will take them 5.7L....that is my point....

    Yes I understand your opinion of "who cares how you make the HP" well my point is that in everything all aspects of racing and just about everything else ...Technology pushes manufacturer to make things better...but American manufacturers make HP by displacement not Technology.

    I wasn't trying to sound harsh or bash american cars..but it is a fact.
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    for those of you who think that this rx-7 would kill the c5 vette you have to consider one thing this is not a stock rx-7! compare a stock rx-7 and the c5 vette if you're gonna make it fair. History tells a tale of it's own. Vettes are clearly the best thing on the road! look at the early 90's ZR-1 corvette, it could smoke ferrari, jaguar, etc. anything! Not only in speed but handling as well! It was one of the finest cars ever made! Corvettes are the first REAL sports car ever made! Nothing tops it! The corvette has everything; history, performance, luxury, technology and not to forget stunning looks. everything! So down down play the car who revolutionized the racing world, respect it! Take the most modified rx-7 and pin it against the most modified corvette and watch the result!
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    ya'll is stupid how can ya compare when ya dont know da stats DUMBASS
  15. Re: 2002 RX-7 Vs. 2002 Corvette.

    Vette is cheaper and faster. Although I hate American Shit, I can admit this one. At the same time, those who say this car looks like the vette are funny, because Mazda put this fascia out first!!! Sorry, but I'd take this because it's a bit more exclusive.
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    hey about your C5 and Z06 thing well ok now to begin with teh C5 and the Z06 is the same fuc.king car..... the only reason why they came out with the z06 was to get better numbers with its liters.... and no it will not out handle an Rx7. the wheels on the Z06 is bigger than the Rx7 if the Rx7 has the same wheels it will outhandle the Z06 like it is nothing
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    i think most of u people comparing the RX-7 to the Z06 are comparing the 2002 RX-7 to the 2001 Z06. the 2002 Z06 would walk all over this RX-7. seriously. 2002 Z06 has been clocked doing 0-60 in 3.8 seconds. thats viper territory my friend. and yeah this RX-7 is extremely light, the vette throughout it's histroy has been known for it's extremely agile performance. i give the 2002 Z06 the win, but the 2002 RX-7 would give a 2002 C5 a run for it's money. seriously. the 2002 Z06 would blow this away. not a very good comparison.
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    MatJM ....

    If you are an adult then I get bored at work and I type really fast so I respond to you guys.

    If you are a kid...then grow up

    Slamb...nothing tops the corvette huh?.....

    I have seen many Z06 at the drag strip on tuning and testing night...
    none of them will do 0-60 in way....

    and dont forget at the drag strip there is extra rubber layed down so there is more traction.....

    I think that the RX7 will probably loose in 0-60 and 1/4 mile(which seems to be the measurement of performance in america)
    but win around a track....

  19. Re: 2002 RX-7 Vs. 2002 Corvette.

    "Oh...and we bring up the z06 because it is supposed to be so fast!...and most other (well pretty much all the rest) american cars dont match it...."

    what about those vipers? since this mazda thing is a spirit R how bout comparing it with the viper gts r? or those viper 800tts? or how bout the sledgehammer corvette? nothing better than the zo6? i believe those cars out do it. So what are you? a kid or an adult? cuz to me you seem dumber than a box of hair with your stupid posts.<!-- Signature -->
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    its not a fair comparission
    a modified race RX7 can weigh 900kg and make 600hp (i know i've driven one!!).... oh and thats *WITHOUT* forced induction... and on 98 RON gas... some vettes could get near that mark - its rare to find a vette engine above 550hp without some kind of racefuel or black magic. but would weigh alot more.

    on the street a vette has more power, and more lard. its comparing apples to oranges but for the sake of an arguement: around a road course, especially a twisty one, the RX-7 would blow the doors off the vette. sorry but they are an unbelieveably awesome car in handling. drive one and throw it through a few bends and you'll know what i'm on about.

    compare a RX-7 to a S2000 or a M3, thats fairer but still a RX-7 does alot to shame even the much improved current vettes.
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    no, it doesn't, youre wrong. a vette would waste this thing, said and done.<!-- Signature -->
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    road & track i believe it was tested the 2002 Z06 at 3.8

    if i am wrong i am wrong but i know i saw that statistic in a high name mag. given the right driver, enough experience behind the wheel, i believe that 0-60 in 3.8 is possible for a 2002 Z06. my next door neighbor has one, i have ridden in it every friday night on the way to a local carshow for the last 3 months, and i strongly believe it would blow the doors off this RX-7. it may have a much larger engine to get the power it has, but it does have much more power. so all u whiny mother #$%#ers talkin about big engines suck can shut up and just understand that it DOES have more power, no matter the way it got it.
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    I think it depends on what type of racing...

    I dunno much about the technical stuff but wouldn't the weight slow down the car in the corners?

    so I think RX7 would beat a vette in track racing (with lotsa corners) but I don't know about drag racing
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    Its pretty cool how this gets a good amount of power out of rotary. However, this will not beat the base vette in anything except in handling and that is just barely. The Z06 would waist this on a road course. This should not even be a comparison. It should be compared to other asian "sport" cars. <!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from toonediroc</i>
    <b>Its pretty cool how this gets a good amount of power out of rotary. However, this will not beat the base vette in anything except in handling and that is just barely. The Z06 would waist this on a road course. This should not even be a comparison. It should be compared to other asian "sport" cars. </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    I agree completly, and i have from the beginning. Z06 no comparison, base vett Great comparison. Vette wins in accel but loses, slightly, in handling. There you go

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