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  1. you think this is a good car? this is the rice grinder mustang wanna be......Wow 198 lb ft torque compared to my 285 in the stang .....and an amazing quarter mile time of 15.5 well well well the stang does it in 15.1......your car rivals a 2000 4.7L pickup Dodge Dakota, that must make you feel great.....and hey did nissan copy the styling of the fiero when they made this car.....Best under 10 grand eh?......first of all mustang GT run for under 10cdn and they haul ass compared to the 300zx.....and an 1988 Supra is better looking and much faster/powerful/price/torque/handling....So next time don't trash the american classic when your talking about an OVERATED hunk of crap like that......(it could have at least been the 300zxTT model)

    And 240sx's are not as fast as the 300zx ...sorry buddy
  2. hah, lol man. sorry to say it but ur 94 stang ain't got nothing on the Z. so ur stang can do the quarter mile in 15.1, woohoo. i wouldn't be caught dead in piece of crap like a rustang. I usually don't blast other people's cars, but if u compare a stang to the Z, ur smoking weed. it takes ford 5.0 liters to get out 215 horses, that is PITIFUL. The Z is a world class sports car, with styling unrivaled by any Ford, EVER! LOL, don't go around blasting other cars, unless the car ur comparing it to is worth something. The 90 NA put out 222 HP from a 3.0L V6, which isn't bad even by today's standards. Show me an American car with 3 liters and 222 HP. Also, ur comparing the Z NA with a V8 almost twice its (motor) size. Lets see any stang face up to a Twinturbo Z. And need I bring the stang V6 in the argument. The new 2001 V6 stangs with a much larger motor don't have anything on the 10 yr old Z's. HMMM, I WONDER WHY THE STANG V6 ISN'T EVEN LISTED IN THE PRESENT SUPERCARS LISTING. The Z is gorgeous and has the styling and handling to match. The power is little behind for today's level, but that can be fixed with a few mods, plus thats why the 350Z (300HP from normally aspirated 3.5L V6)is coming out. the stang doesn't even deserve to be in the same sentence as a _. Z.
    Z FOREVER<!-- Signature -->
  3. first of all 300hp in the TT and only a 15.0 at best quarter mile time that's not all that good the new GT has 260hp and can run as quick as a 13.9. and the TT is so much more money such a rip off .....
    The cobra is cheaper and is so much faster....and Japan could never design a car with a V8 to stand up to american cars.....I love a lot of import cars but honestly a 300zx a supra would blow it out of the water....same with an RX-7, WRX, NSX, these are all the fastest cars in the brand and all of them would eat the the 300zx for dinner.....and plus the best Nissan is the Skyline ohh if it were sold in North America how sweet would that be.....
  4. mustang, oh no, they don't stand a chance against at 300ZX
  5. why don't you go check the stats on the 2 and compare them
    then talk you'll realize a mustang is the most important thing is they are amazing track cars
  6. THE Z IS TEN YRS OLD FOR PETE'S SAKE. Your stangs don't stand a chance against a new Z or a a 10yr old TTZ. Bring out a stock stang V6 agianst the NA Z and see what u got to say. A 10 year old NA Z will kick a stang V6 (old or new) all over the place. The fact remains a stang needs 5L to do nything worthwhile. The new 350Z will have 300HP from a NA 3.5L V6. you'll get ur V8 ass kicked all over the place. Also, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we get a TT version, which would mean at least 400HP. See u rustangs keep up with that. Also, the 1990 TT Z put out 300HP 10 yrs ago, and ur comparing it with a NEW stang which will still get beat by a ten year old TT Z which had a 5.5 sec 0-60 time(tested by Motor Trend). Need I mention that with $1500 in mods a 300ZX TT will put out 400+ HP. But lets compare, the 1990 TT Z would smoke the rustangs of ten years ago hands down, hell it even smokes most of todays ones (exception of Cobra R, and some modded ones). So take ur rustang back over to the stang forum and stay there unless u got somethin worthwhile to say. Don't go around blasting other cars unless, ur car is worth something. And, compare like cars, I mean compare the NA with the V6 stang and the TT with the V8 stang. And you will see the Z smokes them both. And when u compare the TT Z with the TT supra, realize that supras came out later, and the acceleration difference is very little noticeable, until the mods are piled on, when the supra pulls away since the supra I6 is easier to mod. The RX-7 has a not so reliable rotary engine, but the supra, 300ZX and RX-7 are virtually in the same playing field and almost identical in handling, preformance, etc. Also, a TTZ would smoke a rustang in a track, most people know that. In handling a 10 yr old TT Z or NA Z would beat the crap out of a new stang GT. PURE FACT. You can't compare the Z to the NSX, cuz the NSX is a different ball game with $60k+ price tag. Compare NSX to Skyline R-34 GT-R Spec V and watch it get eaten alive. Also, the WR-X is a new car, and for ur info it would also eat your rustang alive. The new Z should give it the WRX the competition it deserves. So take ur rustang out on the streets tonight and mess with a Z and see what happens to you. <!-- Signature -->
  7. A 10 year old TT 300ZX can run even with, if not smoke a new stang GT. And on a track, its not even a comparison. The Z would smoke a stang in handling. Guess, that says something about u and ur stang doesn't it. Most new cars are supposed to beat older ones, guess that doesn't apply to rustangs. lol<!-- Signature -->
  8. i bought my 90 300zx for 10k and its in perfect conditon except for the shitty bose system. this car rocks and you guys are forgetting the most important reason of owning a sports car and thats impressing the hell out of the girls. you have no idea how many compliments i get when im in this car.
  9. ok how can you say a TT would beat a new GT the new can run a 13.9 the TT can run a 15 that's what the 94 stangs do.......and a TT would get destroyed by a Supra TT no competition go compare the 2......oh and you talk about the new 300zx well Ford's planning to introduce a new 5.0l with 290 hp and a new Cobra with 350+ hp......and lets not forget the torque in both would rip any import to shreds....hp and torque are equally important stop talking about having more hp when your torque is so much less......and I'm not dissing the skyline it's the true nissan supercar but it wouldn't eat an NSX they are equal both incredible cars......and the WRX would destroy the 300zx and the stang no doubt the 300zx is the slowest of japan's supercars it's a fact go compare to the rest of them.
  10. Ture that guy any sports car is a chick magnet.....god bless the sports car
  11. don't trash talk cars which will smoke your 5.0L 4 year newer stang. The TT Z will smoke u, believe it or not. Is ur car stock? What do u run in the 1/4 mile? Oh, yeah, these times on this site for the 300Z TT are underrated. <!-- Signature -->
  12. 94stang5L, just take a hint and know your role, a stang has no chance in hell against a 300zx, cobra, rousch, whatever the hell it is, it has no chance, just give it up and admit your wrong
  13. oh so your saying the Cobra R which competes with the viper and z06
    would not compete with a 300ZX..riight
  14. do you have any idea how much a cobra is, especially a type R and a 2001?? Yeah right
    you can still buy a better car for under 10k, the 300ZX
  15. i don't think you don't understand me.....
    the stang does not compete witth the 300ZX
    i'm not saying that the Z06 and the Viper don't
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    Heh I look at all these posts about the Z and it goes to show why it was made so popular, cause so many people talked about it good or bad it got its press then some rnadom guy from toyota put it on the track.
    Because of that press I now own two a N/A and a TT and for the record here in DFW area Stock 5.0 and 95-98 GTs get pulled on the freeway trying to get away from my N/A Z. Get run at the light trying to make their flowmaster straight pipes put more wind in their sails. Sorry dude I have great respect for Ford Mustang Historically but as far as GT stang a whooping AMERICAN MUSCLE V8 going aginst the lil effecient 3.0 liter V6 has beaten them over and over again. Now as for my TT its getting a full array of boltons and looking at 680Bhp. So 94Stang you should really stop the magazine racing and cruise on over to my neighborhood so I can add another ford sticker to my wing. But for all those who want to know about that lil rnadom guy from toyota that put the Z on the map.

    heres more of the Z motor sport

    and for the record the best NISSAN made isnt a skyline its the R390 <!-- Signature -->
  17. well ofcouse a TT is faster but not a N/A I've beaten a couple already...and beat one on the track for your TT 680hp sounds sweet...I don't think I'd come down and race that unless I could get my friends 900hp firebird (but it does exactly handle that well but does the 1/4 mile in the 9's actually I think he just got it in the high 8's)
  18. shut up u cock
  19. This is exactly the reason many new Mustangs owners suck. A lot of them anyway, they have the guts to go around trash talking about cars they know nothing about. Look at 94Stang5L, what kind of dumbass is he, look at his ridiculous posts, and thats the main reason I can't stand owners of new stangs. The only stang owners with my respect are the owners of the older classic Mach's or Shelby's, or the new Cobra R. Funny thing is that 94Stand5L can talk a lot of crap about other cars, yet he has done nothing to his car. yeah, you can brag all you want about the cobra R, but you don't own one, and the fact is ur crap 94 GT, doesn't stand a chance against a 1990 300ZX TT, which can be bought now for $10,000. If u want to brag about the Cobra R, i'll just bring the GT-R R34 Spec V into the picture and blow ur a$$ out of the water. Oh, yeah, u ever driven a 4.5L Q45 V8 (1990-1996 or 2002). The 1990-1996 put out 278 HP and 292 lb-ft of torque, the 2002 puts out 340 HP and 333 lb-ft. of torque. And thats a luxury car, so don't say that the Japanese can't make damn good V8's. In a light sports car, that would fly. Also, if as some rumors say, Nissan does bring the Skyline to America, rumors say it may have a 4.5L V8 (based on same motor as new Q45) pushing out 400HP. Granted that will probably come here with 4 wheel super hicas steering, all wheel drive and all those goodies too. The new stangs (cheap ones) are all watered down, and brag all you want about Cobra's, but do you own one??? i didn't think so. I only have respect for the classic stangs and the new truly modded ones(Cobra, Rousch, Saleen), not just the kids who think their stock (90-01) stangs(94stang5L) can smoke anything else on the road. Respect other peoples cars and they may respect yours. <!-- Signature -->
  20. Y must we always argue?

    K I thought I had this arguement down to the point were it was a basic prefrance choice? because really thats all it's about some us might not agree with motor trend or C&D it's all in if the car meets your driving style, isn't it? correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think I am<!-- Signature -->
  21. look at my last post I said the TT would beat my car that's obvious....but this is the N/A forum and I said I can beat that cause I have before.......and how would you know If I've done anything too my car cause It's in the process of becoming a saleen I just have to wait to get a supercharger......

  22. sorry to burst you bubble but this is a direct quote from a "Road & Track" review on 9 new tuners comparing them to the viper and a vette ZR-1

    (speaking of the 300ZX GTZ) -"The most exhierating tuner car here pays back heaping helpings of beat-a-V-8 fun. Excellent suspension balance and a strong high-rpm charge let you leave behind a swath of broken egos. "

    may i add that the test included 2 mustang tuners as well, the Bittle Mustang, and the Vortech Mustang, not to mension the Morrison Camaro Z28 <IMG SRC="">
  23. first of all 55k would by an old 300zx this Cobra is brand new so you can't go comparing the price.....for 55k you could also by a 70's muscle car drag racer so you can't really go saying that.....but what I was saying was that the 94 Cobra (not Cobra R) would beat a 300zx TT. As for your comparison before moter trend tested the Cobra R and the Viper and z06....the Cobra performed the best on the track out of the 3 beating the viper by 4 sec's and the Zo6 by 2 sec's on a small track so it's quite a large difference...and the Cobra R runs a 12.8 1/4 mile that would only be 3 sec difference from your fantasy 300zx.....and just to let you know for 55k you can a 94 stang (cobra or GT) over 800hp and obviously a gigantic torque amount much larger then the 300zx due to engine the 1/4 mile time would be low 9's aswell.....and remember in the 1/4 mile Torque is very important
  24. Ok 94Stang, I'm tired of you. I'm jumping in the arena. I know a dude with a modded 99 4.6, he will not race 300ZX's. He went to FL for a summer vacation and saw a 10 sec Cobra R get jacked by a 300ZX. The Stillen 300ZX is not fantasy, it's reality. The only fantasy here is you thinking Stangs are cool compared to Z's. Oh yeah. And stop posting on the Cerbera 4.5 forum, that one's not worth arguing either.
  25. ok buddy the Cobra R isn't even the fastest stang there's a 7 litre stang with 850hp from the ford factory trust me it runs 8's ain't no Z going to touch that

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