Re: 350HPS / TONNE !!!! why can't da

Discussion in '1968 Lamborghini Miura P400 Roadster' started by SlideRules, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. 350HPS / TONNE !!!! why can't da "modern" roadsters manage that?

    350HPS / TONNE !!!! why can't da "modern" roadsters manage that?!?!<!-- Signature -->
  2. thats a damn good question, you would think that over the years they would find lighter materials. i guess the modern roadsters have just too much bulky luxury materials<!-- Signature -->
  3. the miura roadster did not weigh 1000kg, nothing like it, wrong info again i'm afraid

    the lightweight SV coupe weighed 1334kg, so the roadster which needs extra strengthening due to the lack of a roof will definitely weigh more than 1400kg, it has a luxury interior aswell whereas the SV was quite minimal inside
  4. New cars have heavy stuff like strong bumpers, strengthened frames, power windows, power locks, power seats, power mirrors, remote entry, air conditioning, airbags, digital dashboards... you get the picture. Also new cars are simply bigger.
  5. The government wants to have cleaner cars, but when the cars get heavier, the fuelconsumption doesn't really get lower...
  6. Lousy Luxury materials!lol
  7. You shouldn't of said that...
  8. wrong stats again because if it was 350hp/ tonne then it would weigh 2000lbs exactly, not the 2250 it says.
  9. anyways the new lambo manages 351 per tonne.

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