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Discussion in '2000 Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster Millennium' started by Badandygoodpizza, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Okay which car has nicer interior? which car is more rare? wich car can actualy turn? which one would most likley fall apart? which one isn't a production car?

    Please don't say Viper And Lamborghini in one setence again.

    in your "viper is faster then lambo statement" the 2000 Lamborghini Diablo Coatl goes 240 mph. 3.5 seconds
  2. Which also was a very nice car but if you recall that got beat by the beautiful Lamborghini Murcielago
  3. A viper blows chunks on a lamobrghini lamborghinis suck if you ask me the handling isnt all that great even a stock viper will rock it in a race
  4. ya know wat i am not even gonna dignify myself with a response... wait maybe i will. why the hell are all u ppla sayin this lambo is better than the viper and they suck? well i hate to break it to u but u cant compare this car to a viper. look at it wat is the name in it???... ROADSTER!!!! i agree there are better cars than the viper but still not this one. AND TO ALL U PPL WHO THINK ANY LAMBO IS BETTER THAN EVERY VIPER THERE IS... WAIT, WAIT UNTIL THE 1000TT IS PRODUCED!!! THAT CAR WILL WIPE FLOOR WITH ANY CAR U PPL CAN THINK OF!! SUPPOSEDLY RUNNING 0-60s IN UNDER 2.3 (STREET LEGAL TIRES) SECS AND A TOP SPEED OF OVER 250 MPH. I WOULD LIKE ANY LAMBO THAT COMPARES TO THAT. ALL U GOTTA DO IS WAIT...

    nuff said
  5. I think that Vipers are not better, generaly though, most Lambo's go are 200+mph, while most vipers go 185+mph, i know there are vipers that go 200+mph, but in genrealy if you had a vote or poll ,and asked whut peopel perfere, a Lambo or Viper, i think Lambo would win.
  6. "italian v12 redlines on main street, so hot viper #%$s can feel the heat" -Punk flex dj skribmeister h to the izzo
  7. you all make me so proud. thank you for shutting those people up who say that vipers are the best. They really compare the wrong cars with each other. if the viper fans want to compare their car to another they hould do it to a corvette. Just because they both suck ass and have to be heavilly tuned to bo over 200mph.
  8. exactly. better words were never spoken. a viper is a crappy USA car for gods sake!!!
  9. get over it viper is a cow in a cheeta's race

    they don't stand a chace

    you are only looking at the stats but all you have with a viper is a red bully. the lam is full of stile it is a legend of cars
    so go home you and your vipper venom or no you are not even worth the tier that the lam drives on.
  10. To put it plain and simple, MOST VIPER SUCK
  11. hey, if i upgraded a lomborghini diablo as much as that viper is upgraded the lamborghini would crush it. that was stupid, you dont use and american car and lamborghini in the same sentence.
  12. ***** my dog is better
  13. After doing a well thought out servey, where i asked many people in thise website whether they perfered the Dodge Viper or Lamborghini Diablo, the votes were undoughtable for the Diablo. Out of about 50 voters, 41 said they beleive that the diablo is better and 9 said that they liked the over the LAmborghin is perfered.
  14. i hate vipers, but they are much underrated and also underrecognized
  15. whoever said that the viper cant turn is a complete and utterless idiot. the new 2003 viper can pull 1.15 gs has a slalom speed of over 75 mph and can brake from 60-0 in under 100ft. that is better than alot of lamborghinis!
  16. Thats the 2003 one though, im sure that the 03 car wasnt out when that person said that im not sure though
  17. Wow, guys, I love seeing mass ignorance on the web don't you?
    Buddy, Diablos are three times the price of Vipers for a good reason. American cars give tons of horsepower to the rear wheels. Italian beauties like this one, however have the handling and performance numbers to match their magnificent engines. The Viper's 8.0L V10 pumps out [email protected] 5600rpm, whereas the Diablo? 550bhp @ 7100rpm out of a 6.0L V12. American makers are interested only in bigger engines. It doesn't take a whole lot of skill to get 500bhp out of an 8L engine. Sorry pal.
  18. sorry pal what? please explain ur self more simpler
  19. ok idiot lamborgini has better handling it controls better ur just stupid mclaren faster then henessyey i kno it dont got 234
  20. Thank you!lol
  21. I luv this car so I would say that you are comparing two different class cars and that the vipers are slightly modified.....and just because "Vipers" Suck balls...They should be called "Corn Snakes", not "Vipers!" Save that name for a car that deserves it!!
  22. Plus I would like to add that vipers look like arses compared to the Millenium roadster..........
  23. Diablo's are The best cars ever...screw vipers.
  24. They are not. Vipers are. Of course I like lambo's, but when it comes down to it, the viper is just better. The viper goes faster and handles pretty well if you know how. Plus look at the price difference. So with all that handleing and power wouldn't you rather have a viper for the price and respect. But of course if you were rich you really wouldn't give a damn would you.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

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