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Discussion in '2002 Ford Focus SVT' started by fat abbot, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. American piece of shit

    If you dive this car then you are a queer.
  2. Fat Bot= fat tard
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  3. fat abbot = fat idiot

    in what way is this a bad car? are you seriously that dumb? this car has been said to have a very rigid frame, 170 hp, 6 speed for well under 20 Gs, out performs the other cars in its class. you are a giant cocksniff, and i recommend you dont procreate.<!-- Signature -->
  4. that is your only opinion? if you drive this car you are a queer? how old are you anyway? 14? 15? lol... god, get some facts before you dis the car and their owners.
  5. This is a great first-time performance car. This car will teach you some basics in preparation for some of the 200+HP cars. Not too bad looking either.

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