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  1. He probably doesnt even own a vette, hes drivin his moms mini van still!!!u say that domestic cars suck at handeling but yet u like the vette. isnt that car made in the us?? seriously, pull your head out of your ass!!!
  2. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from 428cjpower</i>
    <b>He probably doesnt even own a vette, hes drivin his moms mini van still!!!u say that domestic cars suck at handeling but yet u like the vette. isnt that car made in the us?? seriously, pull your head out of your ass!!!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Your right he probably does not own a vette. I wonder where he thinks they are made, Japan LOL<!-- Signature -->
  3. Couldn't have said it better. Although I would add the price difference. I always love doing that. hehe. I just love that the standard Z28 comes with a frame with wheels with no options for 30 g's.
  4. I think that the ss is more worth it because its the very same price than the mach 1, they're both 28K+. The difference is that the ss has 25 more hp, and 100 more torque, and it seems to be faster, but the truth is that the interior of the mach 1 is excellent.

    Until yesterday, i was thinking of buying a mach 1, but i saw the ss, and i saw that i was gonna get much more power for the same price. Can you please help?? Serious people please! Can anyone tell the max speed of the SS, i know the the max speed of the mach1 is 150mph.
    The mach 1 made it from [email protected] one week after fun ford weekend.
  5. Holy $hit u guys are at war with each other for the dumbest things. I've read just about every post and all i can do is laugh, give it up, the 03 cobra will kill your camaro, firebird, the 02 camaro killed the stangs of that year, etc. Big deal, although i saw an intresting post where it said add a blower to a 2002 f-body and race that against a cobra, which would be cool and a good comperison, the only problem is that the blower the cobra uses isn't that great it need to be seriously tweeked. The flip side is that the stangs use a low compresion ratio the cobra svt 01 has 9.8 while the corvette has a 10.5. Camaro, and Firebird 10.1 which in a way makes up for the fricken blower, so stop b****ing, not to mention that a bigger engine can produce more hp and torque from compression as opposed to a smaller engine so in reality it is even in a way we get a pos blower which added some 70 hp from the 320 2001 svt cobra to a 390 svt 2003 while u guys have more compresion and bigger engines. Next some guy was going of how an M5 is so godly and can smoke mustangs, etc. WTF, The M5 is not a bad car but duddy come on for so much fricken $$$, and u even have the nerve to compare almost an 80K car to something that's worth under 30K? Also for the record the 03 cobra would take your M5 and your saveing 50K then u say American cars can't handle and we are gonna go off the road, well at 70mph your M5 would take a turn just as baddly and second of all add a staught bar lower a car for under a grand and i could outhandle your sorry a$$. Finally to all the corvete lovers, It would be close between your 02 vette and the 03 cobra but even if you can/could win look at how much more your spending. For the record I say the 03 Cobra is the best car for the buck hands down.
  6. amen to that!!
  7. For $35,000 a 2003 SVT Cobra is in the same class as the SS. It is no way near the same class as the Z06 or the Viper.
  8. Wow..529HP for the new vette. Got any links?
  9. Its a funny thing, I never heard anyone give excuses when the 2001 cobra was compared to the 2002 SS? For all practical purposes it was a fair comparison. Its what ford had at the time to compare to the SS. Now Ford has the new SVT Cobra to compare against the SS, again, same scenerio, the cobra and the SS are the flagship of both companies in that specific class. The forced induction thing, same thing, No one ever gives any excuses when a company like Porshe uses forced induction like turbos on their cars. Also, these turbo porshes are compared to NA cars of their class anyways. Why should there be any differences when a company like Ford does it. If you want to really compare, forced induction on both engines, Take a 2001 Cobra and a 2002 SS and put superchargers on both. End results, the Cobra puts out more HP to the wheels than the SS with the same supercharger/intercooled setup.
    Im sorry for laughing so hard, You must live in an alternate reality, Here on planet earth in the present time in this reality, the magazine that Im assuming is an equivalent to your MORTOR TREND magazine is motor trend. And in our magazine, they post factual record times, not some make believe nonesense, unless they let you pencil in the record times you think these cars have, before posting them in public.
  11. an ss with the right driver will go 12s. an ss goes low 13s when it spins out the hole. by fords reasoning 381 at the wheels makes you go 12.7 so that means 300 at the flywheel goes 13.8. i have 330 at the wheels and i turn 12.8.
  12. here goes another asshole. the 2003 cobra cannot be put in a class with a 2002 SS you bat. but if you want real numbers chec the issue of mm&ff when they tested the bullit. they had a section in there that said they tested an ss a FEW years ago andit went 12.89 @108 in the heat with a full tank of gas. and thats a ford magazine. so in conclusion mustan can suck a dick
  13. And guess what moron, the 2003 cobra will run a 12.4 stock, still faster than your camaro ss. And since the cobra cost the same as the 35th anniversary camaro ss you can compare them. And since thier is no 2003 camaro ss you have to compare the msutang cobra to the 2002 camaro ss moron. Why are you so retarded?
  14. Camaros are gone so wtf does it matter

    the real challenge now is to build a stang that can beat a vette
  15. HAHA this is hilarious. Camaro's arent even made anymore, no one lieks theme xcept very few. Mustangs are still out and runnin'. This mach would blow the z28 out of the water. As for the SS, hell the Mach will go get it's bigger brother the SVT Cobra and l;et it run that SS(SuperShit) over. I own a 73' mach 1 mustang with a 302, full race cam, high rise intake, duel exhuast, torque converter, hurts shifter 3 speed, muntz tranny, and i dust every z28 i come by. Iv'e never had a Crapmaro beat me. The only cars that are a match for my mach is the Hemi road runners and GTO's, which i have respect for.. YES this mach is a camaro killer!

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