Re: anyone got good hyundai pics

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  1. anyone got good hyundai pics

    do anyone got some good pics of a STYLED accent, coupe, elantra or other thight hyundais post here, cuz i dont have any
  2. No, I do not. I don't have a true preference for Hyundais. they have no quality or fine touches to them. They are cars for unfortunate ones. But, I thank Hyundai for making their cars, so unrich folks can have cars. This Clix doesn't look too bad. Kinda ulgy, but not too shabby.
  3. here are a few
  4. I must admit that the clix is the best Hyundai I have ever seen but overall Hyundais kinda suck.
  5. nope, there cannot be good pics unless there r good cars
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  7. not possible..mayb a tiburon but hell no not anythin else otha that that
  8. THIS CAR IS NEVER GOING TO BE PRODUCED!!! why does hyundai even bother to make cars like this even if they won't be bought. I mean write back if you would pay over 60,000 for this thing!
  9. I dont like Hyundai's myself but as someone said it is good that they make their cars because if you dont have a whole lot of money you could buy the elantra for i think less then $10,000.
  10. Hey Bugatti246 you say hyundai's are ugly. You haven't see a bugatti before?

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