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Discussion in '2002 Chevrolet Corvette Z06' started by 426 Hemistage 8, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. yeah, same ere. I'm sick of people wasting posts on saying things like "no", "yes", or just letting out a string of swear words. The only times I say something that's less than 5 words is when I have nothing to say except answering an easily answerable question. Whew! That was a mouthful!
  2. Nerds like you make me sick, why does it matter how many posts you have? it proves nothing.
  3. First off this is a very stupid topic, pointless internet complaining, and secondly mind your own buisness and WHO THE **** CARES
  4. you made me sick to just repeat what the other like an hypocrite. ya haven't got your own opinion so every one can manipulate ya. You are weak of mind you are a danger, ya are even worse than ya can imagine.So i will give ya an advice, think with your brain instead of using the others opinion. am i enough clear car zone?
  5. Not anymore! I barely even post anymore!
  6. Your right! -1 for this idiotic thread!!
  7. Also if you get mad over something on the internet you need to get alife!!!!

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